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    panic attacks

    today my mum had a panic attack at work, she's never had one before and since then she has had two more tonight, she said she goes really dizzy and her legs go numb also her breathing goes worse, I keep reassuring her she will be okay, I know panic attacks can't hurt you but I'm wondering if any...
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    im not ITK but..

    my mates dads sisters step mums uncles dog knows someone in the club.. and you wont believe this but. he said torres is coming to us.. you heard it here first. im not stating to be ITK its just what ive been told, im talking the dog out soon, will post more later. phil.mcfc
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    Wakestock 2010

    me and a few mates are thinking of giving it a go this year.. Anyone been? Anyone going? Just need a idea of the place, hoping a few blues can help, Thanks.
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    Two Tickets..

    a few weeks ago i bought my arsenal ticket, it got posted,but on the ticket im in a different seat as usual? and this morning i got a 2nd ticket through the post. But i can only use one as its access card only. Which one shall i use entrance H aisle 111 row BB or entrance P aisle 119 row X...
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    FAKE I.D

    Righttt, I don't usually make thread's but, I'm going on my works Christmas party in about 3 weeks time, And the plan is to go out to a pub, get smashed, then end up in a club somwhere, But with me being 17 its abit of a kick in the nuts.. I have no trouble getting served in pubs, but in clubs...
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    Why ?

    Is there so many people Havin a dig at our club On this site ? ''Hughes Out'' - Think who Got us this far In the cup, Not jose Mouriniho! People need to think back a few years ago where we were? Now look were we are now, And realise There bitchin over Jackshit. Were The Richest Club in the...
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    can we expect Villla,Eto'o,Kaka When we carnt beat forest ?

    I hope, But Who would want to go to a team who gets Beat of a Forest ? C.T.I.D
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