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    André Silva

    Off the back of a good goal yesterday I looked at Andre Silva again and his stats this year have been cracking. Always have to be wary of course that he's just doing well in a particular system but he has a lot of the fundamentals we would be looking for. Certainly a better option than Danny...
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    Claudio Bravo has left the club

    Cheers Claudio, all the best with Pellegrini.
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    Yaya Toure - Training with Leyton Orient

    Not really sure where to put this but great to see the big man back in England, how on earth he has ended up at Leyton Orient I don't know!
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona

    Hopefully a load of rubbish....
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    2004-2008 City Games on YouTube

    Just seen these videos on youtube, <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... c4MnzEULJg</a> (You can scroll through the games or they will...
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    Taking euros abroad! Advice!

    Hi guys, Going to benicassim next week and I am just trying to get my euros sorted, I was thinking of just going and getting it all in cash and just trying my best to keep it safe with me in a zipped pocket or something but just wondering if anyone else had any other options? I have seen these...
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    Inside City 89

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Just watched it now and in Fernandinho's house, he picks up his Macbook and then what looks like a premier league winners medal...
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    Álvaro Negredo Sánchez (part 3)

    Nothing on Twitter. A few saying the deal has collapsed but everyone else saying its done.
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    Ignacio Camacho

    Opinions on this lad? We need to bolster our midfield and I think that he could really do that. He is still young enough to improve but is not that inexperienced either with plenty of games for Malaga under his belt. Stats like this; 18 Appearances 67 tackles- 3.7 a game 61 Interceptions- 3.4...
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    Inside City 72

    First few minutes.... I wish we had some team spirit and camaraderie amongst the players :( Imagine what we could achieve. Bloody mercenaries.
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    Jack Butland

    Just seen on City_Watch that apparently Birmingham will sell Butland for £3.5m. Personally I would go for it, I don't think Pantilimon offers Hart enough competition and I think Battara etc would work wonders with Butland as they have done Hart. He might not want to come and sit on the bench...
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    Inside City 55

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... de-City-55</a> Particularly nice episode with a few of the lads going to the hospital to see the kids. Bit...
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    Gary Neville analysis of yesterday

    A serious problem has just been exposed on MNF! I posted this in Post Match but I think it should have a thread. Anyone watching MNF? Rat boy just pointed out a HUGE flaw in our tactic that is basically losing us games. I hadn't ever noticed it but fuck me, a serious problem here Bobby and co...
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    Back to work....

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ng-gallery</a> Looks like most of the players bar the late Euros are back. Hopefully a video will be put up...
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    Kia the **** speaks....

    MODs can merge this if they like. Anyways what a cnut, no confusion at all. The real outcome was that he did not play, what is confusing about that?
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    New City desktop wallpaper....

    Hi fellas, Just had this new desktop wallpaper made by someone and thought i would share as i think it looks real nice and should grace the computers of all fellow blues :D A little hard to see on there but if you click below you can see the detailing, it was made to look like leather and it...
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