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    How many tickets for spurs??

    Ive heard we only get 3,000 Is this true? Could prove a difficult ground to go with 80,000 spurs fans,hard to create noise with that few
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    "Teeth" says celtic would be top 6 in prem

    How fuckin deluded can a manager be?? top 6 at worst? the fuckin clown
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    Kieran Trippier

    Try to re-sign keiran trippier?? miles better than sagna or zabba, hardly gets in spurs side due to walker but when he does he looks real quality & he's a blue :)
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    Kieran Trippier

    being a city fan from burnley,i keep an eye on how they're doin,trippier is rippin up trees by all accounts?,mom every game, did we let one slip through the net?,obv not as good as chlichy but ive never rated kolarov cud've bin good young bk-up?
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    Is 13pts from next 5 games....

    Is 13pts from next 5 games achievable? I think so we're invincible at home & will beat fulham,Bolton & Blackburn, villa away? & I'd take a point at Swansea?? Cum on blues back the team!!!
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    WHEN we win the league......

    WHEN we win the league, who should become our priority player targets?? we so obviously lack width & pace, so garreth bale maybe??
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    Chelsea cup game sat lunch time

    Chelsea cup game sat lunchtime, so does this mean our mon night game goes ahead? We've had 2 play 2 games in 3 days this season?
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    Hate to say this... but I think we need Tevez

    Hate to say this... but I think we need tevez.
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