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    Cloned car

    Has anyone any experience of having your car cloned. In the last few days I have had a bus lane infringement and a speeding notice. At the time of the bus lane infringement the car is on my drive and my Ring camera kind of proves this in that it sees me come and and there is no further motion...
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    Office/Work Pranks

    What have you all got for me? I'm running out of ideas. Currently got an auto reply set up to send a colleague 100 emails via the server every time he emails me. Swapped his wife's number in his phone to my boss's number, that was fun till he found out. Set his iPhone alarm countless times...
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    City centre function rooms?

    Anyone know of any please? Or bars that can be exclusively booked out? It's for a 21st so not really looking for a hotel but wouldn't rule it out. Thanks blues.
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    The Laughing Spanish Man

    Anyone remember this? The Spanish guy being interviewed and if was dubbed as a City interview. I was just watching a guy who was laughing inappropriately at a a guest with a really a high voice and it reminded me of this but I can’t find it on YouTube. Can’t even recall what it was dubbed as but...
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    Beitar Jerusalem FC

    if you're stuck for something to watch on TV over the holidays have a watch of Storyville on BBC iPlayer, a documentary about the club whose fans are outwardly racist and anti Arab. Their owner buys two Islamic players for non footballing reasons and the programme charts the fallout led by the...
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    Sports Kits

    You know how we all moan about the Nike badge? I'm looking to get kits for a sports team but want our logo embroidered onto the shirt directly. I can only find companies who'll do it as a badge. Anyone got any companies they've used in the past otherwise anyone just got details of a company...
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    Christmas Lunch/Dinner

    Due to a change of plans we need to eat out for either lunch or dinner on Christmas day. Most places we have tried are now booked at this late stage. Anyone know of anywhere that may not be? M, OL, SK postcodes. Thank you in advance.
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    Champions League Final - Drinking Games

    Wasn't sure where to put this so went for the safe option. I have invited my mates and their good ladies [or their wives if they're not free] round to my house to watch the CL final so need so suggestions from my Bluemoon friends into drinking games. I will be watching on ITV so my first...
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    File Hosting/Sharing

    Anyone know a good free site. I run a sport league and want to update fixtures, results and tables. I use Google Drive at the moment but the links on our website always take users to the older version of the document [in Drive] and not the revised version. It never used to, it would always sync...
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    Nice Hotels in nice locations..

    ...about an hours or two at most from Manchester. Not The Rembrandt thanks :) Please list your favourites based on personal experience or recommendations.
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    New iMac

    Out tomorrow. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 01&sissr=1</a> My PC and my laptop have given up lately so I was going to get one of these...
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    357mph on a train. Only caught the end of this on C5 but they said it's already safer than most flights. Is it in use yet? Anyone been on it or on a super fast train?
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    Please recommend me a good hotel...

    Somewhere in England with leisure facilities and a top bar and restaurant or with good restaurants nearby. For a few days in February. Village type location preferred. Cheers.
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    Two and a half men

    Watched two episodes now with Ashton Kutcher and I have to say a brilliant show is simply not funny any more. It was Charlie Sheen's show and they should have quit whilst they were ahead. I'm sure people will say it was crap before but it wasn't. Deleted off series link. Shame.
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    Help with a logo.

    I could do with a little help please blues. A junior team I am associated with want to get new kits and have chosen a logo as attached but I need to lose the words lady and metroplotiton and substitute FAILSWORTH in it's place. I've seen some top stuff on here but haven't a clue myself so if any...
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    Patio Maintenance

    I have just cleaned my patio flags and the joints were made with keybond sand. Some of it has come out, in other areas it's quite firmly in place. Anyone know of any tools [power] that can be used to get it out where it is stubborn and the jet wash won't shift it but won't damage the flags. I...
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    Car Hire in Spain

    Menorca to be more precise, anyone work in the industry as the prices I'm being quoted are stupid, more expensive than the flights. Need two cars for two weeks in August.
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    Anyone any good? I wanted to craete an account for a basketball team to post details of games, training dates, results etc but the software won't allow it because it thinks it's not a personal name which, of couse, it isn't I know you can create a page but I wanted it to be like City's where it...
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    Share Dealing

    Anyone on here do it? Anyone any tips? I've had these on my watchlist for a few weeks now but didn't invest. They were less than 1p a share at close last night and at one point today went up to 3.5p, a whopping 300%+ profit. Closed at 136% up on the day. As gutted as I am that I didn't invest...
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    Text Messages

    Has a text message ever got you in trouble? I was on holiday a few years ago in Portugal and a text came throught that my wife read. "Can't wait to see your tan and the white bits when you get home". Wasn't meant for me but she took some convincing.
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