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    Jack Leslie - great news

    Argyle fans should be proud of their efforts - I hope the statue does him justice - won't right the wrong but should be a positive indicator for football
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    Droylsden FC gone

    club statement
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    Olympics 2012 opening ceremony

    Just watching the re-run on BBC 1 right now ( that anti-British broadcaster ) - a phenomenal feat and such an enjoyable memory. Viewed in conjunction with the Imagine documentary screened earlier today you can get the effort, the desire, the nuances that went into this fabulous Danny Boyle...
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    Schurrle retires at 29

    Fair play to the lad - if the stress is getting to him then quit on your own terms - he has the rest of his life ahead of him
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    Just watching this - always in awe of them and in their debt but as well as the crews on the front line I am always struck by - in all these types of shows - how deaths also affect those in the call control centre. Its a massive team effort and they are all just magnificent.
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    City! Remember where we came from....

    worth half an hour of younger Blues time - for those of us who lived through it....arrrrcccgggghhh
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    Spitfire or Hurricane?

    Preference? Always a fan of the Hurricane myself. The beautiful shape shape of the Spitfire's elliptical wing cannot be denied but I have always liked the dumpy Hurricane. It got the more kills in the Battle of Britain too and was a very versatile plane in the fighter and ground attack roles...
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    Marvellous - the Story of Neil Baldwin

    Being repeated just now on BBC2 - this is one of the best TV Comedy Drama's I have ever seen - slightly football repeated too - in these hard times it will make the heart soar.
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    why can no fucker other than us make it? There was that woman that went viral a couple of weeks ago ( won't post it as it may have been click bait ) but the Yanks with their Lipton shit, the Europeans with their UHT milk no-one seems to understand. The water has to be boiling ( bag or leaf )...
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    What is wrong with the twats? I am fond of all wildlife and am quite happy for them to come into the house - wife and daughter bed to differ lol - but night after night I wash up and the fuckers try and walk across the bowl of hot water with the obvious result.....also there is seldom much to...
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    Boro sack Woodgate

    Not a surprise - Colin gets the gig
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    Salisbury Poisonings TV show

    Anybody watching ? - its excellent. I know Salisbury and the locations quite well but the current pandemic throws the bio controls into sharp relief and we are all now way more informed on how things are spread....good acting from a good cast too.
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    14th June 1982

    Falklands liberated - sadly those "patriots" of yesterday seem to have pushed this out of the head lines. Patriots eh? What are they like....?
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    Sitting in Limbo

    watching now - powerful drama May with her Hostile Environment - Patel with her lack of empathy - this country as a whole should be hanging their heads in shame.
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    Tobias Weller Top Lad

    My nephew has CP - this has been a fantastic effort
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    Michael Angelis RIP

    In loads of stuff throughout my life - sad news
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    Peter Ebdon

    Did anybody else hear him interviewed on 5Live by Mark Chapman? Was supposed to be about his retirement from snooker due to health issues but ended up full on Icke with Ebdon going on about remote healing, "energy and aura's" , blue pill red pill and how people need to to be woke - lockdown...
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    RIP Celebs

    There are normally RIP threads when someone well known dies - at the moment they are dropping like flies not just by Covid-19 - Stirling Moss, Peter Bonetti and T B-T all in one day for example. Could be an idea to collate the names in this thread for now because we are all bound to miss one or...
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    Clubs furloughing staff

    Bull by the horns Yes I think its wrong for wealthy clubs to expect the tax payer to pick up the bill. Yes I agree PL clubs and players are behind the European curve on agreeing pay cuts/freezes to help out staff at their clubs rather than expect you and me to help out. However - why single...
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    Just can't help myself....

    You know when you here words or a phrase and you complete it in your head? Examples are My daughter was just talking to her mate on the phone and says " Stacey's mum".................has got it going n Wife says " I'm gonna get dressed" ..................for success "garlic...