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    Premier League launches YouTube channel

    Some good stuff in there....
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    Man City fan sites on YouTube

    The official City site on YouTube is recognised as the best Premier League YouTube channel by some margin. Its success has prompted United to reluctantly launch their own site but most, if not all, Premier League clubs have an official YouTube site. Where City falls short is in "independent"...
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    Blue Moon Rising TV

    When you contrast our YouTube fan channel - Blue Moon Rising TV - to the likes of RedMen TV, FullTime Devils, Arsenal FanTV or even West Ham Fan TV, it doesn't get the number of views and likes I think it deserves. A while back, a good while back, I started a topic about the ownership of these...
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    Blue Moon Rising TV

    Blue Moon Rising, Full Time Devils, Chelsea Fans’ Channel and SpurredOn, are all operated by Shotglass Media, a digital wing of Fremantle UK, the production company behind The Apprentice, Take Me Out and Britain’s Got Talent. You can see the resemblance, if only in appearance.... I...