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    Travel insurance

    What is Foc saying? I am googling everywhere and I am not getting an answer.
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    In -grown toenail

    Been troubling me for a long time. I cut it out but 2 weeks later I am back to square 1. I have just rang a place and they quoted me £24.50 to look at it. Now I know it will cost more than that for the surgery. Can anyone put me in the right direction if you have had it done or know someone who...
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    Just had a new fridge freezer delivered

    I take it out of the bubble wrap and Polystyrene and it looks like it has been in a car crash. Straight on the phone to AO and the first thing customer services say to me is the delivery driver still there because if not it's down to me. Luckily he was and he took photos to send her. She then...
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    Milk Floats

    Feck the Tv detector vans thread. Do any of you guys get up early enough to see one?
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    The new Star Wars film?

    I have to take the boy's today. Any good or should I sit in the boozer while they watch it?
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    Give me a genuinely funny film to watch.

    I need a film to make me laugh my bollox off. I have not watched a genuinely funny film for years.
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    Songs with a River in the lyrics

    I'll start, "Irwell I never felt more like 'Singing the blues' City win Utd lose, Oh City you got me singing the blues".
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    Need some advice they are doing me in. Thanks in advance.
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    Is the League Pep's main priority?

    Judging by last nights team selection I am starting to believe that it is.
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    Hoe do you get rid of hicupd

    Iknow iit"s a bit mad lads but Iv'e tried everything to no avil. I've googled the lot and feck all id working fof me.
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    25ys ago today Manchester's forgotten IRA bomb.

    Largely forgotten due to the 1996 bomb. On the morning of the 3rd Dec, 1992 the IRA set a device off in Parsonage Gardens behind Kendal's. It caused major damage to office's and buildings in the area. I remember Albert Bridge House and the HMRC with all the windows blown out. The police directed...
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    Phil Mulrayne ex Man Utd player

    Just been ordained as a Catholic priest some career change that.
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    Btl sport

    Feck me I'm waiting Leeds v Chelsea from 1969 there killing each other. Jack Charlton basically did Hudson in.totaly brutal but how football should be. Pansy's these days.
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    Gladys Knight

    Bit of a long shot but I need 4 tickets for her Apollo concert. The websites I have looked at are taking the piss.
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    Vital football?
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    New York Blues advice needed.

    My other half is off to the Big Apple and arrives on the 26th Nov, Thanksgiving. What I need to know is will she be able to change Sterling into Dollars that day/weekend anywhere or is everywhere closed due to it being a public holiday? Thanks in advance.
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    Well It's nearly 6.00am and I have done my balls in went to the bar and they have informed me it shut at 5.00 am. Time to stop drinking I only frequent these places when I am pissed. Cannot help myself after throwing out time, don't get me wrong I have the good nights...only trouble is I hide...
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    Ever been banned from Bluemoon?

    If so how long for?...and what were your misdemeanours? haha Mods put your helmets on.
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    A quote from Ron Atkinson "The thing that always makes me laugh when I remember these games is that our coach driver Derek - or Del Boy as we used to call him - would drive us to Maine Road and then go and sit on the City bench," Atkinson recalled. "He was a funny man and a great laugh. He...
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    Looking a lot redder than usual. Any star gazers on here?