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    Your Dumbest Match-Day Comment

    I normally confine myself to either shouting loudly at defenders preparing to shoot from too far out - Kompany v Leicester, or Walker v Newcastle for example, or offering set piece advice - "Don't let Flower / Spanish Dave have it" (Ipswich & Newcastle). (In my defence, prior to recently...
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    Left Back?

    Been set a task by a fellow blue - name the best City starting 11 that I have ever witnessed playing live Now I started going around 1972, so I've seen a player or two, but call me old fashioned, I'm stumped for a left back Obviously I know the answer isn't Angelino, Brightwell (D), Tarnat or...
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    Before we play Liverpool

    Following on from Sky's comedy Raheem to Real story, I thought we might compile a list of other bits and pieces that are likely to occur between now and Sunday Let's start off with: Bernardo to be banned Anything else spring to mind
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    No Go Mo

    Just nipped to little Tesco for milk and the boy wanted some coke (to drink - stop it) Went for Pepsi Max (same horse, different jockey) as was cheaper (not won the Pools) Had to return to the shelf however, having got part-way to the till, when I spotted Mo Salah's ugly mug on the side of...
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    Paul Heaton

    Saw him last night at Edgeley Park - fantastic. London 0 Hull 4 and all that caper Blimey I feel old, think I saw the Housemartins at both the International & International 2 many moons ago
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    Acceptable Scousers?

    Buoyed by escaping reasonably unscathed from starting an Acceptable Rags thread a while ago, and admittedly somewhat bored at present, I wonder if anybody could propose an answer to the above, should such an entity exist? I regret that former Manchester City players or managers cannot be...
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    If you could change one thing

    If you could change one thing about football, what would it be? For many years my bug-bear has been the lack of multi-balls in the Premier League Saturday's league game v Spurs, however, has convinced me that if I had the power to change one thing, it would be to make football a summer sport -...
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    City - Stars of Stage & Screen

    Which Blue, past or present, would play which character of the stage or screen? I'll start you off with an obvious one - Pep Guardiola - Manuel
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    City Words

    Okay people, thought we could compile a list of words or phrases that resonate with City fans, but would leave the rest of the world scratching their heads Here's a couple to start with: Chance at the far post Mr Banks Just look at his face Stupendous Any more?
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    Predictions 2018-19

    Make a prediction for the new season Here's a few to get us going City to retain the league Aguero to win Golden Boot Ederson to win Golden Glove Benitez first manager to leave after start of season - walks out Mourinho to not last the season (probably not a good thing obs!) Salah to have a...
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    Extreme Away Days

    Looking for views about your away day experiences. Of those games you have attended, which was the fullest or emptiest, furthest or closest, scariest or friendliest, first or last, best or worst? I will kick us off with two offerings: Coldest - April 1989 - Shrewsbury, night league match...
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    If City played in the World Cup

    How would we fare? (Just to confirm the rules, our boys all turn out for us as opposed to their countries) Clearly better than England (you don't say) Who would beat us? I'm thinking semi's at least In fact, I'm getting the word Winners
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    City Animal 11

    Got a bit of time on my hands today and can't locate the Corby trouser press I was planning to dismantle, so have started making a City Animal 11 Problem is I am stuck on four and wonder if anybody could assist/ Would like to stick with Pep's preferred 4-3-3 but it's not a deal breaker...
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    Seeing Stars at City

    No, I'm not interested in when you got whacked in the mush by the ball at a match What I do need to know is which celebrity you have seen at a City fixture Any evidence, information, or anecdote you wish to supply in support of your nomination, is to be very much encouraged I will start with...
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    One moment, one wish

    Merry Christmas fellow Blue Mooners Half way through this jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, record-breaking season, if you could choose your favourite moment thus far and your one wish for the remainder, what would they be? I'll start off with: Moment - KDB's pass to Leroy v Stoke Wish - Win the...
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    Pubs in Prestatyn For Tomorrow's Match

    Request on behalf of work friend, sorry colleague, Blue Gaz. He's in Prestatyn tomoz and wonders if anybody could advise as to whether any boozers are likely to have the game on?
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    Worst / Weirdest City Chant

    There I was bored to tears by yet another sodding International break, contemplating that the David Silva chant is not very much to my liking and that a far better opportunity was glaringly obvious in the form of 'Silva is Gold, Silva is Gold, Hello, Hello', to the tune of City Aggro, obs. Got...
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    Slowest ever City player

    According to the MUEN, Leroy is the fastest ever, but much more importantly, who is the slowest you have seen? I'll start off with Tommy Hutch, though David Brightwell and Ricky Holden would both give him a good run for their money
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    Deadline Day Drama - City Memories

    My favourite has to be the probable urban myth of Mark Bright disappearing into the Peak Forest until the deadline had passed and it was safe to come out, when (a not very good at the time) City were trying to prise him away from Sheff Wednesday! What's yours?
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    The Most Unpopular Signing

    In light of Mr Evans' thread going somewhat viral, who do you think would be our most unpopular signing, (but would probably improve our squad), both historically and the present day? I'll start off with two lovely fellas: Roy Keane & Christiano Ronaldo