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    Crouch saves summer

    Biggest dog turd ever
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    Easy Jet Compo

    Just wondering if anyone can throw any light on if I am entitled to compo from easyjet. Due to fly to Prague from Manchester on Sunday at 4 45pm and 45 minutes before we were due to fly the flight was cancelled. This was due to problems with French air traffic control. After waiting for 3...
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    Punk Venues

    Do any of you out there know of any venues that would be suitable for my sons punk band, The Antiseptics. Are looking to tour in September to coincide with the release of a documentary on them and their album release. Usually get about 100-150 at their gigs. They have played Rebellion a...
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    Whats happened to the Guess Team/Scoore Comp........

    Not been put up this week yet.
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    Ref for West Ham

    Martin Atkinson. In my opinion the best ref currently reffing in the Premier League. Now watch him have a nightmare.
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    Ref for Spurs game

    Jonathan Moss
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    I was recently cleaning out the loft and came across about 150-200 programmes from the mid 80s to the early 90s. Most of them are in good condition but one or two are slightly damaged. If anybody is interested in taking them off my hands i am open to offers. Would have to collect them from me...
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    Ref for Sunday

    Andre Marriner.
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    Crook Town V City 16/12/1968

    A committee member from Crook Town recently came round to our house with a programme from the above fixture. Said i could have the programme as he knew i was a City supporter. Apparently City sent a team to play Crook Town in the "Inaugural fllodlight fixture" because City had donated the...
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    I currently referee in the Northern League and quite often frequent a forum called On this forum they are currently running an auction and there are quite a few City related items. Sorry but i am computer illiterate and do not know how to post a link but if you go on that...
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    Phil Neville Radio 5 02/04/12

    Sorry for the late post but have been in hospital for an operation on my knee. Watched the Utd/Blackburn game on Monday and after they went 2 nil up i went back to my room and listened to the last few minutes on Radio 5. Now chuckle brother no 2 was summarizing and said that Utd had overtook...