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    David Raya

    Just watching the Brentford game, aren’t we supposed to be interested in this guy?
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    City’s Legal and Media/PR Teams

    It really now is the time for these 2 teams to step up to the plate and to start doing their job of protecting the club, it’s reputation and it’s fans. I am 61, have been a devoted Blue all my life. I always have been, and still am, proud to be a City fan. A nice club with a fan base that was...
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    Still stealing a living

    Two of the most overpaid and over rated tossers to have ever played for our club, robbed a living from us when we didn’t have a pot to piss in, and yet they are even more irritating now than when they played for us. I just turned off BT sports to get away from mcpointytwat, put the radio on to...
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    Blackburn 1 City 4

    On Sky now, full match, fuck spurs v West Ham, watching that
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    Hey Jude

    Does anyone else still get goose bumps when you hear this song, thinking back to when it was played after we beat the scum 1 0 in 2012 (Vinnie header) - was the loudest I ever heard it sung. Apparently they could hear it clear as anything in the city centre. I bet the rags fucking loved it, cunnts
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    David Silva Book?

    Does Dave have a book out?
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    David Silva Documentary

    I have looked and can’t see a thread on here. Could any of you techno whizz kids advise me if I can get this on a smart tv (LG in my case) or is it only on my phone? Fucking technology isn’t my best friend
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    No words needed
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    5 letters sums up the cheating rag better than any words
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    Ticket schemes

    Can anyone advise where on the website you can find if you have signed up for the cup schemes? I thought I had done it ages ago but I just got a text telling me the deadline was impending, so I thought I would check, but can’t find it!
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    The Greatest Achievement in Football?

    Lookng back at what we did last season, winning our last 14 games whilst going to the final or late stages of 3 major cup finals, got me thinking - has any team in any major league ever won their last 14 or more league games to win their league by 1 point or less? This is an utterly astounding...
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    The biggest **** ever to play for City

    Hearing Mills on 5 line last night confirmed him for me as winner of this accolade, but I was wondering if we could have a proper vote thing like we get for man if the match? Worthy of consideration would be:- Mills Mcpointyman Adam Johnson Andy Cole Peter Scmeichel Not sure anyone comes...
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    City Blue Run

    Do you have to register in advance for this or can you pay on the day? My kids are keen to do it but I note it may be too late to register?
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    All this talk of a quadruple is nonsense

    It’s a fucking quintuple, we won the charity shield, which is certainly a major trophy when the scum win it. So said my 10 year old on the way down to Wembley (to be fair to him he didn’t say fucking) and I agree with him
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    Who Hates Us The Most?

    Is it Sky? Regular negative comments, always talk about our money but never scum or dippers, the main commentator barely whispers when we score, but screams when we concede? Is it BT? Again constantly negative, always banging on about empty seats, dicks like Darke and Hartson providing one eyed...
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    Top City Goal Celebrations

    Apologies if done before and not meant to be a definitive list, but 10 City goal celebrations on the pitch that evoke great personal memories, in no particular order:- Sergio goal v qpr Kompany celebration after scoring v scum in 2012 title season, never seen him jump higher Tevez golf swing...
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    Successive Sixes

    When did we last score 6 (or more) in successive matches? More importantly let’s make it three
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    Possession and Free Kick Stats

    Am I reading the stats the wrong way round? On Saturday we had 70% possession but gave away twice as many free kicks as Burnley, last night we had more than 50% possession but gave away 3 times as many free kicks? So in summary we foul the fuck out of teams whilst pissing on them with...
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    The tide is turning?

    Took my son to the match attax (football card collection/game) at the National Football Museum, and they had several events where young kids were on stage, and I would say that City supporting kids outnumbered rag brats by about 4 to 1, and the ones with rag shirts tended to look fucking...
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    Aguero signs new contract until 2021

    Not sure if MCR Jon still posts on here? Any truth in the rumour Sergio signing contract extension in the near future? Couldn’t see a thread