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    E & B or B & E

    So 7 of us were out for a family meal at the weekend and a debate surfaced whether it was Egg and Bacon or Bacon and Egg. Egg and Bacon won 4 - 3 mainly because my children have been brought up properly and like me voted E & B. My splitter wife voted B & E. looking to prove Egg and Bacon is...
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    Hugh McIlvanney

    Died today, one of the best from a time when sports and football journalists were great writers and very knowledgeable about their subject..
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    Champions League 18/19 new rules.

    Players won't be cup tied in January clubs can register 3 new players, extra sub in extra time and 12 named on the bench for the final.
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    Overall top scorer charts

    Was chatting last night about the overall top scorer. I remember when the top scorer charts gave an overall total with league, cup , European listed and seperated. Last night all we could find was premier league only charts. Anyone know where to find an old fashioned chart with all competitions ?
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    Shower Gel or Soap.

    A debate has blown up in the Parrot house hold. Mrs Parrot said nobody uses soap anymore. I said I do, she says I'm weird and everyone uses shower gel. I asked how she would know. She said it's well known. So when showering are you a soap or shower gel user.
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    Pellegrini - Job done ?

    A new thread because I'm not asking opinions on Pellegrini so much, or as in a post match thread whether posters think Hughes, Pearce and Kidd would have done a better job, just in the clubs opinion has he done what they wanted from him. My take is this. When three years ago the club decided to...
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    Help with post from Abu Dhabi

    I know we have a couple of posters in Abu Dhabi, I'm looking for help finding what zone the UK is for deliveries from the UAE. As I'm trying to buy vouchers for Yas circuit and it's asking for a delivery zone 1-7, but not telling me what the zones are. Tried google but it keeps giving the zones...
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    Cityzen Giving

    Couldn't see this anywhere, a scheme from the club that deserves publicising and taking up, basically the club have given £5 for every Cityzen member, to distribute between 5 causes. "Every Cityzen has been given £5 to invest in six charity football projects – run by young people for young...