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    Champions league away games

    Is Spike or Thomas Cook doing anything for the 3 aways games was hoping something would have been posted by now
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    away tickets thread

    why am i getting " you do not have permission to view this thread" from page 30 onwards ?
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    club wifi

    Hi, does anyone else have similar problem ? At the Etihad, i go onto connections on my samsung A6 and it tells me i'm connected to club wifi, but if i try to open a web page on my browser it tells me i'm not connected, i go back into settings which tells me i am connected ? i'm at a loss, as...
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    What as a city fan annoys you the most?

    For me, i know its petty, but the number of our players wearing red boots, should be banned fullstop. i remember years ago, Demarcus Beasley wore a pair at blackburn and blues stated sing " blue boots, you need to buy blue boots " i don't think he ever wore red ones again.
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    santa stroll

    Does anyone know if the City santa stroll/dash is happening this year and if so what date ? looked on website but can't see anything. Cheers
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    injured city fan

    Just down from the bar/food area near the station before the game, there was a lad unconscious on the floor, looked like he'd been hit by a car, lot of blood, i'm assuming he was a blue, does anyone know who it was and how is he ? police were moving people on swiftly and keeping traffic flowing.
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    1 down, 4 to go

    Can we win a domestic treble and champions league this season ?, community shield already in the bag, with our squad of players and youngsters coming through i really do believe we can create more history by winning the domestic treble, ( felt we should have done it last season ) however the...
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    Community shield

    Can anyone remember last season's KO time, i think was 2 pm but unable to confirm. its listed as 5th August. Trying to sort train tickets because if red scum win cup we'll play them and fares will go up no doubt
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    City 12 London 0

    6 visits to the capital ( inc watford ), 5 wins, 17 goals for 2 against 1 draw v palace, home 6 wins, 18 for, 4 against, carabou cup 3 goals for, 0 against ==38 goals for and 6 against, have we ever had such a fantastic saeson against sides from the capital ? Didn't include ushited !
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    perth-australia blues

    Hi lads, coming out for the test match, which bars or where best to go for a beer and be able to watch the city matches ? spurs, leicester ( cup ), bournemouth and newcastle, cheers in advance.
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    youth cup

    First of all, congratulations to the youth team for getting to their 3 rd successive youth cup final, fingers crossed be 3rd time lucky. However, i would love the game to be at the Etihad rather than the minihad, when we played liverpool in 08 there was over 20k there and likewise when we played...
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    club website/ travel

    been on the website and clicked on the travel section and nothing happens, does the club still organise coaches from the etihad for away matches ? was thinking of using it for west ham, chelsea and arsenal.
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    windows 10 tablet

    hi, just bought a " linx " 10" tablet and trying to download the mobdro app, and it tells me to go to unknown sources, know where it is on mobile but can i hell find it in security or anywhere on the tablet, is it referred to as something else, do i need to download another app to download this...
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    security last night

    security last night I thought was poor, saw a couple of blues declined entry with match tickets because name on the back of ticket didn't match their passport, we were warned about these checks so fair enough. so can someone explain how 5/6 Juventus fans were in the upper tier, wearing colours...
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