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    Enjoyed meeting many of you in Madrid

    Cheers to all came and said "Hi" whilst I was working on the Thomas cook Trip and those who I spoke to whilst directing them to their seats at the top of the stairs near aisle 531 - N last night
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    Gutted !!

    I have just received this e-mail and cant make it as I fly out to Turkey next Tuesday for 2 weeks holiday : Congratulations Tim!! Umbro & Manchester City have chosen your submission to produce as part of our 'Show Your City' kit launch campaign. You'll be receiving a limited edition...
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    Any fans of "The Boss"

    Bruce Springsteen appearing at COMS - 29th June 2012, announcement will be made next 7 days. City have also secured the Magic Weekend Rugby League Spectacular next May Bank Holiday
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    Attack on MCFC Steward, any willing witnesses appreciated.

    Today, at half-time a MCFC Supervisor ventured into the toilets at 110-111. he was initially subjected to abuse by a number of fans and before he left an individual threw a pint over him. I don't know why this would happen, but I am not happy about this - all those out there Know I am as big a...
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    50 Things to do before you are 50!

    I am 49 today and want to put together 50 reasonable things to do before I am 50. I would appreciate your help in compiling this !! For my age I am reasonably fit and in good health, not skint but not rich so please bear in mind with your ideas ;)
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    Best curryhouse on the curry mile

    My daughter is 21 tomorrow and wants to go for a curry to Rusholme tonight, anybody recommend a good place? I know there are better places to have a curry but she wants to go there !
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    Coach Transport to Fulham available

    Stretford and Urmston Branch have coach spaces available for Fulham £25 return - 07900258830 and ask for Stan
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    Away Derby game in Munich air crash anniversary week again!

    Do they do it on purpose? Surely not a coincidence that we again are playing at The Swamp in the week of the Munich air crash! This occurs to often for it to be considered "randomly" chosen by computer, and just gives the journalists more ammo to start having a go at us. P.S We are still...
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    Alliances with other clubs - Poznan, Omonia etc

    Ok so i have had a few bevvies but what are your thoughts on building alliances with other clubs in Europe? Went to Cyprus to watch City and as well as meeting many City fans from Bluemoon and elsewhere, had a good rapport with Omonia and other Cypriots, Last night apart from the odd incident...
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    Well played Blackpool

    Fair play to them, they gave it a real go today and were unfortunate not to get anything out of the game (thankfully). Charlie Adam had a cracking game and has a fantastic left peg. Always enjoy listening to Holloway being interviewed as well. I really hope they stay up, and with performances...
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    That Live Un*ted Header Banner

    Ric, get rid of it please, I will even pay you the money myself. Sorry, feeling slightly hungover but sick of coming on the forum and seeing "Live Un*ted" on it, rant over.
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    Blue Moon Rising "Stars"

    Were guests tonight at "Blues in Bandit Country" OSC meeting and were top b*llox, proper blues, down to earth, who did not know exactly what to expect from film. They did not have a clue what finished article would end up like, and refused to film after defeats, especially Spuds! Any other...
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    X Factor - its back!

    Whether we love it or hate it, it is back on the tele, so please post your views in here ;)
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    Your Missus... where did you meet her?

    I met mine on a blind date arranged by the "Mother-In-Law at Stretford British Legion ;) Been together for 27 years and definately more in love now than the day we married. Top biatch, unfortunately cant cook and will never get the beer in ;)
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    1 x Spurs £42

    I have a spare for Spurs, please PM if interested £42
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    I am 48 yet still love sweets, my favourites being LION's Sports Mixture, far better than the Maynards in a bag type as they still have the liquorice ones in them. Get mine from here £22 for a 3kg box. <a class="postlink"...
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    First Job you had and what you do now?

    I was an actuarial life assurance clerk at Refuge Assurance Company on Oxford Road, first take home pay £99 for the month. Current position HR Manager for a hot & cold beverage company in St.Helens, plus part time steward ;)
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    Which secondary school did you attend?

    Stretford Grammar School for Boys 1973-78
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    Nobby Stiles has had a stroke

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... troke.html</a> Hero of 1966 suffers stroke Published: Today Add a comment (5) WORLD Cup...
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    What a way to start my birthday!

    Had too much to drink last night, fell asleep downstairs, wokeup at around 4ish on sofa then went to bed. Now here is the bad news for me, I got up this morning to find I had knocked my Carlsberg Export over my laptop and it is now knackered (won't turn on). Expensive way to start my birthday...
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