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    Desktop version of twitter on Ipad

    Hello tech gurus I follow CityWatch on twitter (using my Ipad) and something has happened to my twitter settings on Ipad and it now defaults to the mobile version of twitter. I much prefer the desktop version but can't figure out how to change the settings back again. Any ideas?
  2. J

    City, EDS and next summer

    Should we give our young players a chance? I have been thinking this for a while now. I know that there is incredible pressure to win at all costs and that this leads to an expectation that the best available players be played as much as possible, but in my opinion we urgently need to refresh...
  3. J

    Watching tunnel cam on Ipad

    Hi techno whizzes This is a simple question. I am trying to watch tunnelcam on my Ipad and it stops and starts all the time. Can this be fixed? Also the picture is sort of blurred. Is it just the Ipad that causes this problem? Thanks
  4. J

    Time keeping, technology and the premier league product

    I think there is a case to take time keeping off the referees. The premier league product is a billion dollar business still operating in many respects in a very old fashioned way. For example in many major football codes the paying public and the world wide viewing audience is aware of...
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