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    The Title Race | How many points to win the league?

    1 point more than anyone else would do
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    Anti Vax Demonstration outside South Stand

    Obviously never heard of Marc vivian foe, Fabrice muamba and others that have collapsed and some sadly died, not sure what David Rocastle passed away from, it happens no matter how fit and healthy you think you may be
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    Best goal ever seen......

    surprised no one has mentioned the FFP ( forty four passes ) goal v scum couple of seasons ago
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    Leipzig Away - no fans in the stadium / Covid

    markets are closed, need to isolate on return until day2 pcr is returned with a negative result which would mean missing wolves at home, so there will be another 2 empty seats on that flight, gutted
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    Leipzig Away - no fans in the stadium / Covid

    looks like a few days getting pissed in prague instead, unless czeck republic shuts down, which looking at covid rates escalating could very well happen
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    Bruges away anyone?

    sorted, effing forms !
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    Bruges away anyone?

    just filling in belgium locator form and it requires confirmation code via sms, put mob no down but no sms ???
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    Bruges away anyone?

    Thanks for this, printed off and completed except for date !
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    Bruges away anyone?

    so for bruges, fill in locator form 48hrs before travel, covid requirement is to be double jabbed, max stay 48hrs and on return a covid test within 2 days of return, lets do this
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    FC Club Brugge Away Travel £79.95

    is this still going ?
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    Warning long post but looking for help...

    could you, the missus and kids not become " cityzens " or is that what the £35 was for ? then you would be eligble to purchase tickets
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    Bruges away anyone?

    disagree, covid is making this game difficult, no covid no problem
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    That’s it, problem solved.

    these sort of problems should be brought up at branch/club meetings, too many red w***ers working at our club for my liking and they go out of their way to cause problems
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    Is anyone actually going to Paris?

    was hoping pcr tests won't be required, unfortunately it appears they are required until 4th october then they're binned, so with no sensible flight prices, or limited direct flights its £120 for train to euston then £ 120 for eurostar, 2 days off work and pcr tests,£60 for ticket, thats over...
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    Kompany & Silva Statues

    at the MCG in Australia they have statues of players of cricket, rugby and aussie rules around stadium, same with tennis players at the rod lever tennis stadium down the road as well, if memory serves me right
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    Champions League - 2021/22

    went last time, met with 2 mates and walked from gard du nord to stadium, stopping at several bars on way, basically a 4 mile pub crawl and watched us get a draw, i remember getting metro back then late bars were about £8 a pint
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    Champions League - 2021/22

    maybe i should have looked at covid rules in other countries before i posted LOL, cheers for info
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    Champions League - 2021/22

    fantastic draw, and able to travel to all grounds without having to quarantine or isolate, double jabbed and raring to go
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    Fan Behaviour

    sorry, block 114, my seat was 414 ! it was a couple rows in front and to my right
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    Fan Behaviour

    it was block 414, in front of me, i didn't see incident but did see the lad who's nose was bitten, blood all over and the teeth marks on his nose horrendous, no idea what caused it
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