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    Anyone been? Love SE Asia and it's been on my agenda for a few years now. Looks like I'm finally going next year as I'm holding off some cheap flights at work. I've done bits of research but any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated. I'll have about a fortnight there so a decent...
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    Anyone seen or seeing them on their current tour? They play in Manchester tomorrow night, I'm catching them in Leeds on Saturday. Any time I've seen them they just own it, despite having minimal audience interaction (not really that kind of band) A finer live band playing the UK circuit you...
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    For anyone who's been, yay or nay? Myself and the missus are doing a 12 night trip round SE Asia next February, and we could include a couple of days in Doha coming back for very little extra airfare, literally a few quid. I'm pretty well travelled but have never been to the Middle East, and...
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    Shed Seven SOTC

    Must be a few other Blues off here attending this gig at Castlefield Bowl next Friday? Few of us coming over from York for the afternoon. Think it will be my 14th time seeing them, but very excited for this one. Decent support too with Rev and The Twang. Really hoping some of the lesser played...
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    Bingley Festival.

    Anyone going this weekend? Pretty sad to say that at 28 years old, this will be my first festival. Decent line up with James headlining the first night, and a weekend ticket at 50 quid was too good to turn down!
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    City/Spurs and the boxing in Corfu?

    Going for a long weekend from Thursday, staying in the Acharavi area. Anyone know of any good potential sports bars that will show the weekend football and hopefully the fight on Sunday morning? Any other recommendations or tips will be greatly appreciated as it's my first time to Greece. Ps...
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    Someone might be getting in trouble at Ebookers....

    Oslo - LA, First class return flight for £330. 5-12th Can only assume a massive error somewhere, fill your boots Blues :)
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    Thinking of heading Down Under later this year/early next ye

    The following might be of some interest, can't imagine you'll see flights to Oz this cheap again for the foreseeable, or maybe ever... <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Suggestions please.

    Recently split from my girlfriend of 4 years (who is now dating someone else to rub salt in the wounds). Have a very dead end job and nothing keeping me tied down. Feel like doing something crazy/wild/worthwhile/spreading my wings/insert cliche here. Don't have much money as such, but have...
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    Return flights to Croatia, £20.

    If you are finding our weather very tiresome and fancy a change of scenery... 12th - 19th and 19th - 26th of April. With Ryanair. East Midlands to Zadar, right on the coast. Only 20 quid return! This price includes all their charges they stick on (luggage extra of course) Never been to Croatia...
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    best part of a woman ?

    Personality. I mean tits.
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