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    Happy Birthday Yaya Toure

    Yaya's birthday today lets hope he celebrates it by lifting the Premier League trophy! What an amazing player.
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    Watch this "My Tram Experience" .....
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    Premier League Games 26th/27th

    Stoke v Blackburn Bolton v Everton Chelsea v Wolverhampton Man Utd v Newcastle Norwich v QPR Sunderland v Wigan West Brom v Tottenham Arsenal v Fulham Sunday, 27 November 2011 Swansea v Aston Villa, 13:30 Liverpool v Man City, 16:00
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    Steve Jobs

    Sad news R.I.P <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... jobs-dies/</a> <a class="postlink"...
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    Is This Girl For Real?

    Fast Forward And Play From 30Seconds I'm Embarrassed For Her
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    Peter Crouch caught on camera fake acting?
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    Birmingham nursery worker admits child rape

    just hearing about this now on itv news, makes me fucking sick how people can do this to young children!! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>...
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    Random question...

    If a girl watches and likes gay porn (man on man) what is she? gay?? straight??..
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    fast and furious 5

    just got back from watching this , quality film! + the ending is class anyone seen it yet?
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    Just got back from the cinema after watching this film..thought it was Okay (the ending was good) but nothing more really anyone else seen it?
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    Computer geeks..Help

    Just ordered a laptop( first time buyer) last night and i dont understand all the specification if i'm honest ,so could someone tell me if am getting a good deal here, thanks <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Today's Premier League Games

    Stoke 3-2 Sunderland FT Aston Villa v Fulham Everton v Blackpool Man City v West Brom Newcastle v Arsenal Tottenham v Bolton Wigan v Blackburn Wolves v Man Utd 17:30
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    Tonight's Premier League Games

    Arsenal v Everton 19:45 Sunderland v Chelsea 19:45 Man Utd v Aston Villa 20:00 West Brom v Wigan 20:00 i predict Everton win,Sunderland win,Aston villa draw,
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    Whipped cream

    i love it. that is all.
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    The best freekick..ever

    dont know if posted but this is amazing
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    Newcastle Vs Liverpool

    would like newcastle to win to keep liverpool away from us
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    Buried (film)

    went cinema on saturday night , fucking hell one of the worst films i have ever seen. has anyone seen this film?...
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    Right i hardly ever make threads but..

    couple months back my mum's friend had a little get together with friends at her house and she was recommended a clairvoyant/tarot reader kinda thing(thats what the night was all about) , so everyone was having their reading done one by one upstairs except my mum as she doesnt believe in all...
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    Life stories : Cheryl Cole Itv1

    the wankfest over the "nation sweetheart" continues pft i must be the only guy in the world who dislikes her..?
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    rita,sue and bob too

    has anyone seen this film ? ( on channel 4 now ) i think its quality
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