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    4th July

    Today is Independence Day for the US, alternatively it might be considered Treason Day. Anyone know how much the US now owe us in back taxes? probably one for Prestwich_Blue
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    City Fans, time to take a stand

    why has this thread been closed? It seems to be the most relevant topic right now?
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    Yaya dropping into back three

    In my mind we played a modified back three on Wednesday and its been similar in the last couple of games. Yaya sits deep creating a back three with the fullbacks tucking into the wide midfield positions. With that in mind why don't we try to fit Fern and Delph into the fullback/wider midfield...
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    Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Whilst we are all looking at the Gundogan, Nolito, Stones and Sane deals it's interesting to note that there are several youngsters coming in as well. The highly prized Benjamin Garre has signed from Velez Sarsfield and Lorenzo Gonzalez from Servette in Switzerland. Just watching the obligatory...
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    Coverage on Radio Manchester

    Like many we tune into the after match coverage on leaving the stadium but we have noticed a worrying trend in recent months. Post match comments and analysis appears to have been reduced and the number of City callers seems restricted. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this trend. This...
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    Trying to watch BT Sport in USA

    I am in the USA at present and have subscribed to a VPN blocker which enables me to see Sky BBC ITV etc via the iPad. BT seems to be able to sense my locality and won't connect sending up a dialogue box saying not authorised for your location only for UK. Any advice how to get round...
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    One man team

    Is it just me or are the critics doing a 180 turn round. Sergio is out for a while (please not too long) & we are being told that we are a one man team. Yet for the last 5 years we have been told that we have the "biggest" squad, despite everyone having a 25 man squad in the Premier League &...
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    Coach parking for Wembley

    Trying to book car park for coach, tried usual site but sold out. Does anyone have any recommendations for good spot with easy get away. Cheers
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    Watching a stream

    Am currently in Thailand and obviously want to see the game tonight, will a stream work on iPad? Thanks for any advice
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    Gary James

    On talk Sport now
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    First piece of business we should do

    Extend Carlos Tevez's contract, equivalent of a £40m sigining.
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    City v Fulham US TV

    In Florida till Monday, can't see Saturdays game being shown on Fox Soccer channels, any ideas which channel it may be televised on? Thanks in anticipation.
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    David Silva signs new 5 year contract {merged} Sorry if already covered but has this been done or is it old news rehashed, would be a tremendous boost if true. OFFICIAL
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    Serious question

    did anyone get to the rags Victory Celebrations on Wednesday? How did it go did they manage a few more than the 500 who attended last seasons mega triumph?
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    Can we put this rubbish to bed now

    Maine Road had its time and will always have a place in our hearts, the Etihad is a wonderful venue, which will improve further. The garbage about the atmosphere doesn't hold water to anyone who has been to the big games this season and previous seasons. The atmosphere and noise generated in...
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    City mags available to a good home

    I have a virtual full set up to the end of last season. Would be happy for anyone to have them as I need the space. Any takers?
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    Where's the post about the rags tryingto keep Tevez gone

    Please help I'd like to put a few people straight
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    Not seen much of a mention but 100 up

    I understand that we have now broken the 100 goal mark with Sergio"s penalty. Great return, not done since KK in second division? Fora Mancio
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    On a lighter note Titter Titter
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    Went to york v Kidderminster last night

    The 13th anniversary of our miserable defeat there, get's you to appreciate how far we've come and for that matter how far they've fallen.
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