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    The Lions in New Zealand thread for the 2017 tour.

    So at 12pm on Wednesday Gatland will announce the squad that will take on the all blacks during the summer. What are you,re thoughts re squad, poss captain or any out of left field selections. For me I think Gatland will go with tried and trusted players, so that means some bloody good players...
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    Any usa fans

    Have any of you guys been to the Temple of the dog shows. If so any pics, or say what it was like, please. The youtube stuff looks great (fair play to the band no Pearl Jam or Soundgarden stuff) Hope I get lucky with you guys.
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    All our war ships in port ?

    Saw this on sky news earlier today, if true which bright spark put this plan together.
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    MLB playoffs World Series

    More for our American members who do you fancy, Mets 2-0 against the Cubs or the Royals and The Blue Jays. Hope that Failsworth deserter comes on and buckshot or the boys from the mad hatter. Just hope the Mets Light up Queens again. Yes we've heard it all before rounders etc, Just hope its...
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    the six nations 2015 thread

    With most teams claiming to have players out, is the this the year winning is not the be all or is it a chance to experiment prior to the world cup ? First game on Friday Gods own against some English guys, roof closed in Cardiff should be a cracker. No mind games from Gatland, that is pretty...
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    Ian McLagan R.I.P.

    For those of us who remember the Small Faces poor old Ian has left us at the age of 69 after complications resulting from a stroke. Those of who can will remember the classics and also from the faces. Hope one of you more technical guys can stick a vid up or something. that just leaves Kenny...
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    Sonic Highway- The Foo Fighters

    Any one else following this, I love it. Different city different song. Just love to see where they go who gets interviewed ( all top players so far ) Anyway beats the shit out of motd on a Sat these days ;-) Best thing is you do not have be a fan of the Foo Fighters to enjoy this, looking...
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    Love my daughter (music related )

    Anyone into the Toxix Airbourne Event. Late November she said " check these out " Love them any blues out there who are into them, best I,ve heard from LA for years.
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    Every year the Oxford dictionary adds new words to the said publication. The question is how would you describe it ? and are there any other bluemoon words worthy of this distinction, over to you ;-)
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    Cliff Morgan 1930 - 2013

    Cliff Morgan one of the greatest rugby players of his or maybe any era has passed away. Some of you may remember him more as a commentator or media man or as one of the first captains on Question of sport. R I P Cliff, a sad day in Wales.
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    Rush - about time.

    At long bloody last the Canadian rockers have been inducted into the Rock and roll hall of fame, Dave Groll and Taylor Hawkins doing the honours on the night. Some good stuff on youtube and the acceptance speech is a laugh, roll on May.
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    Neil Young and Crazy Horse

    AAAgggghhhhh, no Manchester gig ffs !!!! If you want to see them and this could be you're last chance they're playing Newcastle Glasgow Dublin Birmingham London O2 New album out as well.
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    The Rocky Horror Show 2013

    Its back at the Opera house 25 - 30 March 2013 so how many of you bluemooners will be digging out the basque ,stockings and wig and doing the " time warp again ". Do not be fooled by Knoxy this is bigger than Rush in May> So come on Lets be having you, who will be going my tickets already...
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    The man Eddie Vedder

    Ok guys and gals from previous posts I know some of us are at Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell in June any one out there waiting for the box office to open Friday for Eddie's show at the Apollo ?
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    Chinese films , help required film buffs

    Over the last 2 weeks film 4 has shown House of the flying daggers and Red cliff both top class entertainment. I am after the name of a film I saw a few years ago and the bit that sticks in my mind was after a battle for a city the victors got the prisoners in a square then put arches on the...
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    Paul Lake book signing today

    Well I took the clubs advice and got to the store early and made my purchace I then had a hour to kill. So I was having a nose at some of the new gear and theres our Paul, so after a 5 minute natter and getting the book signed I'm back in Failsworth about to start the first chapter. Cheers Paul...
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    Al Jarreau last night

    Oh well any other bluemooners go to the Bridgewater to see one of the worlds best jazz/funk/soul singers? 25 years since he played the Apollo and he was just F***ing great, he looks a bit frail at times but his voice still hits all the notes, take 5 proved it on the night. If any of you did go...
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    John Mellencamp

    Just got in from tonights show at the Apollo, anyone else go ? The gig was pure class from a top performer and the kid he pulled from the crowd to sing the last verse of rocking in the usa will be on a high for at least a month.
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    Any crown greeners on here?

    Just putting a shine on my balls, sorry bowls prior to nipping to broadway park for a few ends. Maybe more aimed at the mature bluemooner but who plays and where.
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    He'es back yoeman of the guard pt 1 ( look at the kids) Hope you enjoy this one too! Might go and see him on Sunday after stuffing the rags.
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