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    I'm 50 today

    Well,I think I have joined the FOC club now. Just thought I'd let you all know I'll be made up if I get a well wish from a certain poster,but I won't hold my breath,I will let you know if I do hahaha
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    Best Cleaning Product for Plasma

    Grandkids sticky fingers on the tv screen are becoming a nightmare when he comes,anybody got or buy a good product to keep screen clean. Tried a few things but to no avail,leaves it streaky the stuff I've used.
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    i Phone 11 Issue

    Morning tech savvy guys Can make calls on mobile,but not able to receive them,says the mobile number you are ringing is not available ? Any help
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    Chemical to remove fence paint

    Been having a do at painting the fence panels,and got more on flags in yard than on fences It's Ronseal stuff,and I've made a mess really,so was wondering if other fellow mooners who had done the same can recommend a product to get it cleaned up and gone ! Any help appreciated
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    This new MOT situation

    Just a quick one,if anyone knows any info would be helpful. My car's mot is due tomorrow,but obviously with the 6 month extension given,does this mean that if I present my car in December and if it passes,I'll get a full 12 month ticket on it from December ? I was considering in getting it...
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    Home Quiz

    Been on that Zoom doing a quiz with some friends over last few weeks,and this fella has posed a question,random as fuck,and I need help if possible. I'm guessing it's a made up character,maybe a comic or somert but here goes All this was done in the same year Scored for England,saved a pen...
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    Arsenal (h) - Wed 11 March

    One spare - CB Level 2 padded seat,great view - £40 PM for details
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    DAB Radio for car

    I thought I'd ask Bluemoon,as we have experts in all kind of fields on here,especially when technical stuff need to be sorted. So here is my dilemma We need to upgrade or have a dab radio put in our car,it is integrated in at minute,but fm and mw are bloody awful on it,my last car had one,but...
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    Ref for Sunday -Arsenal (a)

    I've searched a bit for appointments for this weekends games,but can't see anything. Does anyone know which clown we have the pleasure of ?
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    Netflix Recommendations

    Can any tv buffs point me to something what they've seen and advise to watch,on the basis of (which has stopped for time being) something like Power. Something on the lines of the above,it is for the Mrs really,but loves out like that,seen Bad Blood as well,and of course Breaking Bad,but out...
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    Schipol Airport - Milan Malpensa Terror Incidents ?

    Breaking news of a hijack situation on board a plane at Schipol,bound for Madrid (Air Europa) Also a bomb alarm at Milan Malpensa airport as well ffs with Blues in that vicinity as well This is developing as I type
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    FA Cup 2019 /20

    First round draw just been made,and a bye to round 2 for Chichester due to Bury being no longer Few interesting ties My home town team Chorley away at Mansfield Blackpool v Morecambe Gateshead v Oldham
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    Mallorca Home Matches

    Just wondering if any on here,(sure there would have been) that has ever gone to a Mallorca home match whilst away on holiday / business etc We are over there for a week in September and they have a home match on Friday 13 Sep v Bilbao and are thinking of going to it. Just needed to know which...
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    World Matchplay Darts Tickets x2 -July 21

    Hi, I've got 2 x darts tickets available at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool for this coming Sunday afternoon 4 games in total there is,1pm start - Darren Webster v Krzysztof Ratajski Dave Chisnall v Max Hopp Ian White v Joe Cullen Michael Smith v Jamie Hughes £30 per ticket,pm for details...
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    Lidl Supermarket

    Ok,so here is the script. There is a new Lidl just opened near us,and as you do went for a bit of a nosey last night,bought a few bits and bats,but my question is this to you guys Is there anything in there that you can say from experience that tastes as good as the real stuff but is a...
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    CL Final Tickets

    Long shot,but anyone get any tickets in the uefa ballot that wants to get rid,cash waiting,(not for a scouser) just a guy I do work for who wants to go
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    BA Flight to Dusseldorf.........well not quite

    How ?
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    Cardiff (h) Wed 3 April

    Got a spare for this CB Level 2 (padded seat) - £40 PM for details NOW SOLD
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    Wolves (h) -14 January

    Got 1 spare for this upcoming Monday night thriller !! CB Level 2 - (230) =padded seat,great view - £35 PM for details NOW SOLD
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    Mourinho Sacked

    Gone ffs
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