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    Individual player reactions to goals

    I always like to watch how the players celebrate when we score. I watch the highlights back checking each players reactions to our goals. Dunno why but I always find it interesting watching their instant natural reaction to others scoring. Players like Stones, Dias tend to massively celebrate...
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    BBC - Pick your ultimate Manchester City title-winning XI Ive gone with: Hart Zabba Kompany Laporte Clichy KDB Yaya D.Silva Sterling Aguero Sane I've left out players such as Tevez, Ederson, Fernandinho.... Its not easy.
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    Transfer betting odds

    A lot of people don’t understand odds or the market so maybe this topic will help. So let’s start with these. De Ligt 25/1 Maguire 11/2 You’d expect us to maybe sign one of these two. Good odds at the minute on both especially De Ligt. João Félix is only 9/4 but £20 still returns £65. Wan...
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    How much rest each player will get this summer...

    Thought I'd do a list of how much rest our lads will get this summer. Its not to bad. Even if they are in yellow they should still be getting about a month off. We just have to hope Brazil and Argentina don't do quite so well at the Copa America from a selfish point of view, ha! Any errors or...
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    Cheltenham Festival 2019

    Sky Bet doing money back as cash in the first race every day this year up to £20! That's well good. So even if you hate betting and have no interest you may as well do it as you cant lose. Can't wait for it me. Only 2 weeks!
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    Poll - Chelsea in the league v Chelsea in the final....

    So, if you had to choose one win, one loss, what would you go for? Fortunately, we are in a position where we could/should win both, but, just for a bit of Thursday morning fun, what would you choose if you had to pick one win and one loss. 3pts and keep us in the title race or a Cup final...
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    Player stats/table help.

    Help please. I’m looking for a chart/table, just like the chart that used to be on the back of the City programs in the 90s. I want a list of all the players down one side. Then how many minutes they’ve played this season across. All I can find is charts with total minutes like 1028 for...
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    This girl who died on a speedboat and the lad who ran off to Georgia......

    I have been reading about it this morning. I just wondered what peoples thoughts were on it as this lad has been painted in a very bad light. To me it just seems like a tragic horrible accident. The papers though seem to have got hold of this though and made the lad out to be a murderer. I...
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    Do we suddenly have an injury crisis?

    Someone wrote about Agueros injury maybe being worse than expected. De Bruyne still not back in training with the rest and now David Silva is out for a few weeks! After today's press conference Pep says we now only have 15 players for tomorrows game! At this stage of the season where we play...
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    Steph Houghtons husband has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease

    Steph Houghton (City and England Womens captain) has unfortunately found out her husband has ALS. Stephen Darby is his name. 29 years old. Hes a pro footballer for Bolton. He's had to retire today :-( Awful news. They only got married a few months ago. I wish them both all the best.
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    Player Contracts

    With old Yaya leaving us, I thought i'd have a look at players contracts ending. Usually new deals are offered when they have 2 or 3 years left. Looking at these end dates our team will be looking a lot different in 2 years. Silva, Kompany, Dinho and Kun will all be leaving in a year or 2...
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    Scoring Free Kicks.

    Almost every game we get 1 or 2 free kicks on the edge of the opposing teams area. Since Yaya is now a squad player and Kolarov has finally moved on we seem to be lacking a decent free kick taker. De Bruyne would be the obvious pick but I can only think of his Barca free kick and the low one...
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    3pm Pubs

    What pubs show City away 3pm games? Tameside area. Im struggling for options for Saturday.
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    David Silva is selling his house Looks nice. No City memorabilia around though. Must store that stuff back in his Manchester house.
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    93.20 Documentary

    Keep seeing this being made on inside City. People like De Jong, Aguero and Mancini all taking part. Chappy tweeted this morning he's going interviewing Mario about it today. Should be a good watch. Anyone know when it's being released?
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    Happy Birthday Vinny!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINNY!!! 31 Today....
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    NAPS for Cheltenham

    Anyone got any decent tips or strong fancies for this week...?
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    Testimonial - Kompany & Zabaleta

    In August 2018, both of them would have been with us for 10 years. Now Zab might obviously leave at the end of this season which makes him 1 season short. Do you think either will be given a testimonial? Trying to think of the last player who had one for us? Maybe they could do a joint one as...
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    SKY Go on Playstation 4

    Hello. I'm thinking of buying a Playstion4 and I want to use Sky Go on it. I just clicked on the Sky website to check I can use the PS4 to view Sky Go. It seems to keep saying Sky Go Extra. Is Sky Go Extra different than Sky Go? I've cancelled Sky but my old man doesn't use Sky Go so I was...
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    Tunnel Cam

    Hello. Are they doing tunnel cam this season? Can't see a Sunderland one as yet. Thanks
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