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    Will Football Be revamped? If So How?

    I mentioned this in a thread few days ago. If there is no football for the rest of the year or longer is it time for a revamp and the distribution of wealth to filter down leagues? Which would need to happen for the change. A premier 1 and 2 Premier 1 18 teams 3 relegation 1 play off...
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    Championship possible premier league 2?

    if you read this looks like 3 major clubs are not happy with the sky deal for the next 6 years and could have a breakaway premier league 2...
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    Muting posters

    Be the death of the forum You disagree you mute! everyone does that eventually no one will be having a discussion be all happy clappers agreeing with posts but less posts till eventually the forum will die. Be interesting since mute there has been less postings? I could be totally wrong.
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    Sky Sports Relaunch- New and Exclusive Channels for Football

    Sky to rebrand sports channels and lower prices to combat falling viewing figures Sky is planning a major overhaul of its sports channels, including rebranding them and offering cheaper packages. According to The Guardian, Sky will replace its numbered channels (Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 etc) with...
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    Champions league revamp? (Merged)

    Put this in here looks like Gill and his cronies wants a closed shop In UEFA power vacuum, clubs discuss Champions League revamp LONDON (AP) — European football's power vacuum is being seen as an opportunity by clubs to have a big say in overhauling its richest competition. The Champions...
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    Pellegrini "Back me or sack me"

    Manchester City's Pellegrini hands 'Back me or sack me' ultimatum to the owners 26 April 2014 11:00 PM By Steve Bates Boss insists he won't change the tactics that could see the big-spending Blues end his debut season with only the Capital One Cup on the shelf Michael Regan Just for...
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    Dead souls 2

    Anyone paying this game? Have to say Its one of the most frustratingly greatest games I've ever played its up there with skyrim for roll playing games
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    South Africa V Australia

    After battering England in the winter be interesting how Australia will do in South Africa.. Aussies are batting and are 35/2
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    Django unchained

    Just watched it have to say quentin tarantino is top notch at these type of films. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Positive MCFC Articles:

    All in here I'd like to read some... Plus we can see then that there is no bias if we have at least 50/50 Positive/Negative pieces...
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    UEFA's UEFA's FFP Regulations - Play To Win

    So the transfer window is finally over after the customary twists and turns and, as always, has raised some intriguing questions. Perhaps most perplexing is the decision of previously big spending Manchester City to slam on the brakes (by their own recent standards) much to the disappointment of...
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    Goal Of The Season 2010/11.......

    So no Manchester City player scored a goal of the YEAR! Let's all vote for VP don't want Shrek to win it! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    We Don't Need anyone........

    Our squad is good enough and beginning to settle down now so my opinion we don't need anymore players and I don't think we will bring anyone in this January....... Lets Just get rid of all the dead wood and trim the squad down...
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    Do you want a drink Mancini?

    it looked like King Kenny was desperate to have a drink with Mancini.... Why? I reckon he's after one of our players ADE.....
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    Gordon Taylor

    was there at the Tevez inquest and is backing Tevez! in that he didn't refuse to play and should be fined only for the 2 weeks! PFA Back Tevez the tosser...... So in evidence they mustn't of shown his after match interview where he said his head was not in the right place to play.... Gordon...
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    heard rumours of a new Dune film

    Love that film let's hope the rumours are true......;-)
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    The Killing!!!

    Just finished watching this new series if you stick with it you wont be disappointed! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> <a class="postlink"...
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    Predict the date of our 1st major signing

    29th of June = Cahill Looks good
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    Sunday Supplement

    Negative Fuckers! Saying the Fa cup is not a big cup any more! If Mancini starts badly next season he'll be out! Bitter cunts
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    The FA Cup Song!

    We don't have one! Why?
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