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    away kit unveiled...

    it's horrible. The home kit is better.
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    Don't want racists at city, stay clear City.
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    Cricket... ZZZZZZZ

    Cricket is shit.
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    Massively overrated Players

    Ibra I know he's won it all.. Neymar possibly the most overrated player I've seen.
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    Andy Carroll

    awful player never worth 35million let alone 15.
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    Yes or No. Do you think we'll win the PL next season?

    depends if we get better targets than last summer..if not, no chelsea.
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    Edin Dzeko

    That;s just rumours, i can't see him moving away from Spain.
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    Summer clear out

    Dzeko,Nasri,Lescott,Garcia,Kolo,Kolarov,Barry,Rodwell,Sinclair. i know all won't be moved but none of them are good enough.
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    Europa League Final

    anyone reckon Cardozo will score?
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    Edin Dzeko

    Navas? Jesus navas? the guy gets homesick and will probs never leave Seville/Spain permanently.
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    David Silva

    nowhere near back to his best yet, but he did have a good game.
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    Place your bets

    thats a tenner lost then. Pellegrini , Mourinho or Klopp i think theyll get.
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    Club Statement (confirmed that Mancini sacked)

    thanks mancini such a shame the players played shit this year and went down without a fight against wigan. good luck in future.
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    Mancini Breaking News

    what breaking news?
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    Kompany - next season

    another player who has not played like last season average.
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    FA Cup Final Post Match thread

    still fucked off.
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    FA Cup Final Post Match thread

    David silva looked lost Barry slow as per Why he opted to take tevez off instead of aguero I'll never know. We were awful the players went into the game thinking it would be a stroll in the park ha Well done wigan fully deserved hope you stay up.
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    Place in the sun

    She wears really short tops on the show. Bonus. Then again I'm always sat with my nanna when I'm watching it..... :(
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