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    Gareth Bale

    If (and it's a big if) the £86.1m Real Madrid bid is real and has been turned down, Daniel Levy has gone from being a tough businessman you'd love to have fighting your corner, to a blindly stubborn idiot in my mind. There's only two reasons to play hardball, to make them up their fee (not...
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    Gareth Bale

    Bale is worth £30m tops. Having said that I would pay £40m or equivalent (£30m + Kolarov for example) to get him right now.
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    I can't see it happening. It doesn't make sense on multiple levels. Of course it's theoretically possible but the timing is all wrong.
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    Sky alternatives

    I'm looking into getting Nilesat and/or Arabsat because I know from when I've been in Africa that these networks are seriously good for movie channels. Don't know if Al-Jazeera is a separate thing though, I've never seen it on those networks. The thing is for football, you want good signal. With...
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    Rooney transfer speculation in here please

    Re: Rooney If City and Chelsea both bid, why would they take the much trickier option from a PR perspective? This sort of thing will be a paramount consideration when they've just taken on a new manager who has everything to prove and everyone sharpening their knives for him to be slaughtered...
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    40 pages, perhaps a ban?

    If the club were that bothered about Gill they'd just offer him a job on the board for double his salary. Not like he's Fergie, he's a suit who can be bought and sold.
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    Isco alternatives?

    I don't think we need one? Isco happened to be available (definitely moving clubs to due to Malaga's unique financial situation) and with his massive potential and strong links to Pellegrini it would have been stupid not to go for him. But I don't think we're in desperate need of another...
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    The best beach you've been to.

    Nyali Beach in Mombasa is decent. Apart from the bloody Beach Boys (looky-looky men basically).
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    No panty

    The thing is mid-table sides in Italy and Spain can probably be priced out of the market by Hull when it comes to wages. The money sloshing around with the new TV deal in England makes it the place to be for an average quality top division player.
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    Would the country be better off...

    To be fair the railways would look a lot better if they were were privatised properly rather than privatised in a way that benefited Tory 'donors' and various politicians' cronies. If anybody could run a service on any line, rather than this bidding for monopolies crap, we'd see improved...
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    No panty

    He's worth a good £5m to be honest, that's bearing in mind that keepers are usually under-valued. Would be surprised if we got that kind of fee for him though.
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    Advice: Best tablet to buy

    Viagra really had no business still existing once Cialis came on the I'm told.
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    Cashless in Canada

    make an account on and western union yourself some money with that debit card mate. or better yet if you're travelling with someone western union it to them, technically it's allowed to send money to yourself but it does get you some odd looks and unsure cashiers. Anyway...
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    Javi Garcia

    Pelli is a manager who gets the best out of everyone. A season is a very long time in football (remember Amr Zaki being hot property?) - I wouldn't write off anybody.
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    Are You Paid a Fair Wage?

    It makes you think these companies are run by idiots to be honest, surely they can see that one or two minutes is worth less than the benefits of a happy workforce for not feeling like they're treated like kids/minions? My dad went to do some temping in an office like that after 20 years out...
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    Would the country be better off...

    I'm still torn on this one, when it comes to the whole welfare/social safety net thing. I want to see as many folks getting a good quality of life as possible, but hate to see people taking the piss (yes I'm aware it doesn't happen as much as the right-wing press implies, but it sure as hell...
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    Are You Paid a Fair Wage?

    I get paid fuck all, just clearing 20 grand because I work 6 days a week, would be 17k if and when I chose to revert to normal hours. But I think as ever the money is only half the story, I consider myself to have a high quality of life because our office is a lot more relaxed than most normal...
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    at long last

    We always did, the system just discouraged anybody using it.
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    Martinez could be set for assistant managers role

    Fucking weird because I was literally just about to make a 'tin hat on' type post about this in the main Pellegrini thread, hadn't seen this one at all. He'd be great for the role IMO, being fluent in both languages (I know Pelli speaks good English anyway) and more to the point understanding...
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    Daily Fail and the Mancini era ....

    Can't see that culture lasting under Moyes. It worked so well because players were (let's be honest, rightly) in awe of Ferguson. The knives will be out for Moyes when he inevitably reveals himself as not good enough IMO. Touch wood, it's going to be fun to watch.
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