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    Thanks to the Mancs

    Go fund me survey has said Manchester is the most giving generous city in Britain. Another reason to be proud of our city.
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    Christmas songs.

    For those who enjoy Christmas what’s your favourite Christmas songs …? Greg lake do you believe… Frankie goes to Hollywood power of love.,.. John Lennon war is over…,
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    Driving home from work last night I had the car radio on radio Manchester for the game , it was said that pep has only been beaten by three English managers …who are they ??? . I’ve not used google I’ve definitely got one correct. probably be a short thread but just a bit of fun . ( hope it...
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    I’m off up to Edinburgh from Friday till Sunday with mrs snake for our wedding anniversary and for her 40th, any advice on any proper traditional pubs around Edinburgh some with a bit of character I’ve googled but google is rubbish these days it’s all ads etc . I’ve read up on princess street...
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    These are free to a very good home , I’ve put the yards in but would like someone to have these plus many more I have my memories but sadly no room for them now so anyone who’d like them PM me and I’ll gladly pass them on There’s one or very rare ones as well Dads passed away my mums got go...
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    While we’re all coming to terms with the disappointment I’ll put some positively out there ... over the last few weeks many on here have really done themselves proud .. We’ve had the seat counters , those who gave great information and advice regarding the pcr tests , those who helped out with...
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    Mothers day

    My first ever thread so why not dedicate it to all our mums ... they really are special people for those who have lost hope you have special memories, happy Mother’s Day mum and thank you for giving me your last penny when times were hard so I could go watch our beloved blues.
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