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    November 2021 Player of The Month

    Vote Player of the Month - November 2021 Possibly the most difficult choice we've had for some time - all three been excellent. I went for the Duracell Bunny but could easily have picked Rodders or Cancelo. Whats your flava?
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    Terrorist Attack (Paris)

    Anyone else seen the pictures of one of the alleged terrorists responsible for the stabbings in Paris? Decked out in a City training top and city training jog bottoms. WTF!
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    Amazon Prime Streaming or rather not streaming

    I am currently getting my free month on Amazon Prime and am eager to watch All or Nothing. I have an imac 27" with 12gb RAM. I'm using OS High Sierra 10.13 and the latest update of Safari as my browser and am using a 150 - 200 Mb (which is what i get according to Ookla) download broadband...
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    Alonso...Ben Davies...Ashley Young....and the difference is?

    So Alonso has to answer a charge of violent conduct for treading on the back of a players calf away from the ball yet Ben Davies can go straight legged studs up on Vinny and Young can go through Aguerro over the ball contributing to a period out injured and the Premier League does fuck all. Can...
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    Champs League Tickets

    Is the club not offering a ticket bundle for all 3 Home games this year?
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    Hows our TIming?

    The only black mark in the whole shebang is the Nasri Injury and even that might contain a silver lining! We're approaching the critical moments of the season and i've had a long hard look at the fixture list as i'm sure most blues have and it's bloody daunting if we stay in competitions until...
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    Getting into Pot 1 Just looking at this and it looks like if we win every game or nearly every game and or make the final we could get 34-36 points and make Pot 1. (If Athletico Madrid fail to qualify or are pump in the Europa) Failing that and...
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    Stelling and the 22?

    Was listening to the pre-amble to the games yesterday. Anyone else hear Geoff Stelling say we had 22 players out on loan? I know we have a few out on loan like Adebayor and RSC and MJ and some of the younger elements like Bunn and Scapuzzi but have we really got 22 elsewhere?
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