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    Undr the Cosh Podcast

    Anyone listened to these guys yet? Have to say I have been picking and choosing the ones to listen but really enjoying them. Highlights for me are Danny Mills, Marlon Harewoods recent one and a few older videos. I know they did one with Jon Macken, Darren Huckerby and Nedum Onuoha but can...
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    Returning to the office.

    Hi everyone, With covid restrictions and rules changing now for us to go back to some normality. A lot of work places are now eager for staff to return to the office. My work? despite doing articles about working from home, and saying our staff can work from home (we also sell software for...
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    Question to help a fellow blue.

    Afternoon all, A family member of mine is terminally ill. last year they celebrated their 60th birthday and somehow they were surprised with a birthday letter from David Silva!! Now i am not sure how that happened, whether a family member contacted city, or with them being a season ticket...
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    Bournemouth to sue Hawk-Eye tech (link in post)

    Sorry if this already being discussed on the forum, didn't see anything. What we reckon to this then?
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    17 years since we lost MVF

    RIP Marc-Vivien Foé Great player, loved him playing for us in the last season at MR
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    Wonga Repayments

    So who's been promised a email regarding a Wonga repayment today? I have 4.3p to the £. Received £106.03 back (minus 33% i have to pay to the 3rd party i used to reclaim my money) out of £2459.62 Suppose the good news is the loans are being taken off my credit file within the next 45 days ...
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    Jesus celebrating in the net

    Afternoon all. Firstly apologies if this is already out there. Secondly. Did anyone get a photo of Jesus celebrating his goal yesterday? Ideally from the North stand facing him rather than at the back? Saw him celebrating like this on the big screen in the ground and thought be a belting...
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    Open Day

    Hi, Anyone know if the club will be doing some form of open day this preseason?
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    Learning to Drive in Tameside any recommendations?

    Morning all. Same as the above title really, does anyone know a decent Driving Instructor around the Tameside area? Covering Ashton ideally? Due to previous trying manual lessons, and how painful at times my left foot is an automatic driving instructor is more than ideal. Anyone help?
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    Old Kits

    Anybody help where I can get the official old kits (not the Score Draw tops) Just wondering over than ebay is there anywhere worth looking at?
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    Pics of the Champions Banner on the the east stand vs Swansea

    Morning All, And apologies for doubling up on posts if previously posted. Has anyone got the images of the banner saying Premier League Champions that was put up on the East stand from sundays game? Literally can't find it anywhere on here.
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    Kompany involved in consortium to buy Stockport County?

    rumours are rife on a few county forums and tweet or two on twitter. Anyone else heard this
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    Champions Club - Wednesday at Basel game

    Afternoon all, Champions club, near the east stand? Was this open for all fans or just a selective group? First time i have seen it so curious.
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    Tickets in family stand

    Anyone selling 2 or 3 tickets for any of the remaining home games in the family stand? Not including the United game, but any spares for the other games left? I have been sitting in East tier 3 most of the season on my mates season card, but i would like to take my youngest (she's 3 and never...
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    City Mascot

    Hi Everyone, Just wanting a bit more information on how I can get my little boy as one of the mascots in an upcoming home game? Any help be really appreciated, he's 5 in December so hoping to see if its possible for then.
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    City vs Rangers U23's

    Apologies if this is a duplicate query over Saturdays game. But is it true, its behind closed doors? Not seen any ticket information for the game online. Any help be great.
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    City Pubs in Ashton Under Lyne

    Afternoon all, Just wondering are there any City pubs in the Ashton area? Family member just moved their and be great to watch the game with Blues. Thanks
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    EFL Cup - 3rd Round Draw (WBA away)

    Apologies if already posted. EFL Cup third-round draw will take place in Beijing at 04:15 BST on Thursday. Crazy times this. Just another tick on the list of football no longer for the working class.
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    Virgin Media Customers

    Afternoon everyone, Wondering if someone can help me with this. Can you have Virgin Media installed at 2 different properties using the same name? Been looking on their website but cant find anything.
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    Fantasy Football League

    Morning All, (and sorry if already been posted) Is Bluemoon running a Fantasy Football league via the premier league website?
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