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    Perfect Planet

    Been watching these on iplayer, just watched last one on the Humans.... utterly heartbreaking some of it, the damage we’re doing to our world, to the planet and the rest of the living things that share it with us is nothing but shameful. Humans are utter cunts.... seeing those baby orphaned...
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    Starter camera

    I’m looking at buying a camera to take better quality photos while I’m out and about on my many walks around the U.K. Sick and tired of just taking my iPhone out when I see something I like. I’m hoping someone on here can give me some advice regarding make and model, any other aspects that I...
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    Hiking thread

    Well we’ve got a running and cycling thread, was going to start a swimming one but not too many do it so decided to start this one. In the past 12 months really got into getting out hiking with my girlfriend, I’ve done stuff in the past like the 3 peaks and Yorkshire 3 peaks but it was totally...
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    Just been on the tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau and what a truly harrowing and haunting experience it was. The horrors that went on here were unimaginable and were a stain on humanity. I’d like to say never ever again but with the rise of the fat right across the world who knows. RIP all...
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    Premier league referees

    Just seen this in the Sun that had been left in the staff canteen.... Wonder who organised the trip and the 'ladies' for their entertainment? Rags or Dippers? Surely this must go against some...
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    Europa league 11/4/19

    Celebrities beware.... Ramsey has scored.
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    Abuse in nursing home

    How the fuck did someone get away with raping a patient and what sort of sick individual would contemplate doing this to someone in that state anyway. Fucking disgusting and surely DNA or a paternity test could prove who the culprit is.
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    SAS Who dares wins

    watching new series on C4. Women included this year. How fucking stupid do you have to be to put warm dry clothes on top of wet underwear? No 13 needs to stop crying she’s getting on my tits and as for the soft **** who quit on day 1 because he couldn’t shit with others around.... words fail me.
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    Karaoke guilty pleasures

    Following on from the 'boyband thread' i wondered if any other budding crooners were out there and if so what do you like trying your hand at and what would you really love to have a go at? Once i've got up and had a go i usually don't stop, initial embarrassment over with so just keep going...
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    Male suicide /fundraising (Minister appointed p4)

    As some of you may be aware i'm attempting my first ever Triathlon end of September. I'm hoping to raise some funds for a friends charity who's son committed suicide last year aged only 24. The funds are being raised to help under privileged children learn to play musical instruments, something...
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    Kiki challenge

    Never ever heard of this until stumbling on it earlier, what the fuck is wrong with people nowadays? It's worth watching for the 3rd video down the page though.......... Bwaaahaaaaa.
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    Mother nature

    Don't fuck with her.......... Why do people insist on getting so close to things like this? Asking for trouble.
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    Transfer forum posters

    I rarely come into the transfer threads, similar to match day, full of the more ‘needy’ amongst us. But I had a browse this morning and have noticed that a majority of the posters in them are never ever seen in the main forums, why is that? Are you not actually City supporters or even general...
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    Rugby union

    Can’t find the other thread, after some game last week regardless of the result, this is giving it a run for its money!! Great start by England and a scrap to boot, little SA scrum half needs a slap the ****.
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    Spurs new signing? He'll give Alli some competition for next season that's for sure.
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    Simon Thomas

    Fair play to him for admitting how tough he's finding things since his wife passed away, takes a lot of guts and courage and i hope he can come to terms with things in the near future for both himself and his young son. As someone who hasn't lost anyone close to me i've no idea what he's going...
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    Has she a point?

    Or is she just looking for a fight? In my opinion i feel she's looking for a fight, the blind guy who went to the Arsenal game isn't asking for a private commentary. She's had more than enough consideration given to her by the organisers and has...
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    Car jacking

    Pair of absolute cunts, the car filming should have just ran the fuckers over, bet her and her kid were frightened half to death!
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    Paddy power

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    Predictor table BBC

    We're classed as favourites going off the average positions each pundit has placed us but i can't believe 12 so called experts think the Rags will win it and that 1 thinks Spurs will............ Chris Waddle Tottenham Man City Man Utd Chelsea Jo Currie Chelsea Man City Man Utd Tottenham Alan...
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