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    Most Important City Goals

    Wiekens away Wrexham on Boxing Day 98’ turning point in the season, turning point in the club’s history that season.
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    This video sums up perfectly what it’s like being a blue.

    Maybe just me but I find it pretty boring with the whole you tube stuff … especially with being called Man City all the time . getting bored with going to Wembley!! I’ll leave that for you all to make up your all minds . My daughter asks all the time when we can go back … ? each to their own...
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    Happy new year

    Happy new year to everyone on here . And hope you all a healthy one . I’ll bump this for us in our early 50s take care and have an MOT . Please it’s important you do. Up the blues .
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    Best Scenes in a Film

    Ahh sorry mate didn’t see that … but yes a great scene .
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    Ferran Torres signs for Barcelona

    I do a roll in work where a new starter has a day with me .. I walk them through the plant show them where all the facilities are joining a union , private health scheme etc.. within the first hour you know if this person will stay and go through the training and build up a career or… just use...
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    Arsenal (A) - Sat 1st Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Big big game this one .. get this one done and it’s looking very healthy. Pep could of easily of made changes last night during the game but held his nerve,gundo Stirling to start hope Walker can get soon when he’s ready. well done to all who are making the trip . I remember years ago away at...
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    Best Scenes in a Film

    Charles Bronson taking the harmonica from Henry Fonda in .. once upon time in the west . What a build up to it all through the film . Great great film with music to match .
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    Arsenal (A) - Sat 1st Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    I thought we’re staying in the smoke but pep definitely mentioned in his post match that the team won’t get back until 2:30 am this morning then setting off again a day an half later . Could be curve ball from pep I think.
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    Brentford (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Bang on .
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    Brentford (A) - Post-Match Thread

    The headlines are .. there isn’t none . We’ve won it’s another 3 pts to the total which will hopefully lift the pot in may .
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    Match Thread | Brentford vs Man City (29/12/21)

    This isn’t a game for calling out players it’s a case of “ get in get no fucking about “ 3pts take whatever, whichever it comes it’s being shown on Amazon might as be played in the Amazon the state of the pitch.
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    Match Thread | Brentford vs Man City (29/12/21)

    Get the 3pts have a whip round for the ground staff as they must of been layed off . And get out of the Fooking place . Surprised by Brentford for these tactics. Treating this like a 3rd tie .
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    Which team do you dislike the most?

    Utd all day every day until my last breath I will despise that club . Memories of growing up in the shadows of that shite are still fresh and are still raw . Especially after putting the yards in during our dark days nothing but utter complete hatred for that club the banner the songs the lot...
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Go on Jimmy…yes
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Fair comments.. we need to bat our way into an innings but some of shots played in the first two test have been dreadful. Good morning so far from England.
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Probably our best bowling this morning, get another two before 150 and we’re in this . But it is a big ask . As we watched today complacency can be an undoing . Was going to call it a draw and go up the wooden steps to Bedfordshire but chrimbo drinks still in fridge and cabinet I’ll give it...
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Staying up to watch the start of play rather getting up early to watch the last few hours . To be honest it’s playing out as I thought it would due to the lack of preparation we never ever going to be in this series. Something about BT’s coverage what just isn’t there I find it very bland and...
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    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone it’s a good place this bluemoon site with or without the agreements and disagreements it’s why we the love the club. All the best to everyone and save a moment for the lost and loved keep in good health everyone. up the blues .
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    The Kippax

    I was in the company of an ex city manager and I’ll share this on here when he spoke about the ground redevelopment. At a board meeting it was literally a toss up on redeveloping the kippax or spending what money we had on signing a young Portuguese lad … who was called Loui Figo …true story...
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    Your Top 5 City Moments | Poll added

    Yep agree with all them I was lucky enough to be in the crowd for all of them . Also for me what never gets spoken is the weikens header against Wrexham ( might of been on Boxing Day) is the game changer for me totally changed our season without that … bloody who knows.
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