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    The World in 5

    How do you see the world in another 5 years time, whether it be the extent of Corona virus, world finance, politics or war and peace in world hot spots.
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    NHS appointments.

    Well, I have been waiting a month for a referral for a scan on my back. Just received through the post a letter giving me an appointment for next Monday quickly followed by a line of type telling me not to attend this appointment. I Quote: This information is provided by the clinic...
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    Spanish FA raided.

    Sky are reporting that police have raided the Spanish fa headquarters and made 2 arrests in a corruption investigation.
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    your top 3 ballads of all time.

    Too difficult to single out just one I think so lets have 3. ill go with, Hey girl....Billy Joel The living years.....Mike and there mechanics/Paul carrack Captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy....Elton John. thats me but I'm an old softy, whats yours?
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    Genuine offers only.......

    A friend of mine has two tickets for the Formula 1 final race of the season – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, at the Yas Marina circuit on the weekend of the 25th – 27th November. They are box seats and include flights, hospitality, and hotel accommodation. He didn't realise when he bought them that...
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    Gbox midnight

    I have a 3 year old gbox midnight which boots straight to Xbmc/ kodi which is ok but I would like it to boot to Android operating system. Does anyone know how I can do a clean install of Android ?
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    Blatter and Platini.

    Both banned for 8 years by the ethics committee. Result.
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    Great idea from jaguar.

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    Wow. This needs to be everywhere.

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    Internet milestones.

    What are the best day to day innovations to come from the Internet. I would suggest something like Google Earth for overall useability but can we have some suggestions.
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    A cube within a cube within a cube.

    gets interesting at about 5 mins.
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    Making new friends.

    New friends At the moment I'm trying to make new friends without using Facebook. I walk down the street shouting out what I have been eating, what I bought, how I feel, showing everybody pictures of my dog, my cat, my breakfast, the view from my balcony and my new toilet paper. I tap on peoples...
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    Your top three cars.

    If money did not pose a problem which three cars would top your list. Range Rover Autobiography. S class Merc. Jaguar XJ.
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    BT calling.

    Well worth a listen. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 92&fref=nf</a>
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    Body piercing.

    Can someone put me right on this. What do people get out of it and do other people find it attractive because I just don't get it.i mean drilling a hole in your tongue or your nose or even worse places FFS.
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    Dji phantom

    Thinking of getting a quadcopter and the phantom seems to be the machine that is out in front of the pack in capability terms. Has anyone had any experience in this field, good or bad?
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    Skydiver meets his maker.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Can this be authentic???
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    Your sex life in a film title.

    Possibly Carry on up the Khyber is mine.
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    P*ss*d in his coffee.

    This was mentioned yesterday regarding a certain news reporter criticising City, I'm sure it was said purely in jest but it's time to come clean. Has anyone ever done a 'behind the scenes' revenge attack, a little secret espionage they can share with us all. I'm sure given the number of jocular...
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    Clever video.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... d=11271995</a>
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