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    Prompt on startup

    I just flew back to Manchester and each time I open Bluemoon I keep getting a prompt to accept before I can get to the forum. Something to do with cookies and third parties. Is it a scam or a uk thing for the website as I’ve never come across it in Oz?
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    This team won't be considered great until...

    we win however many titles, win back to back premier leagues, win more than one champions league etc. With the goalposts constantly being moved by the city hating rag and dipper influenced media, what will it take in your eyes to see this team become a great? And does any blue actually care...
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    I'm home for a week, my first game in ten years, coincidentally my last game was Newcastle away when Robinho scored 2-2, does that make me as hardcore as the York away boys?
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    Our PR department and the media

    I've just been reading the last load of pages from the BBC bias thread and one thing jumps out from the whole issue. It's not the way we have gone from ridicule and being everyone's favourite second team due to our constant comedy calamitous fuck ups to now being actually hated due to the...
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    Sorry if its been posted but it just occurred to me that the employment of all these tag and dipper journos may have just been a cunning plan by some clever tv execs. After all these years of football fans of every other club the world over having to endure these sycophantic, monotone...
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    Ric: Daily Mail interview

    Can't see It anywhere else so well done Ric. Kept it sensible as most blues would whilst the rag came across as ,well, a rag. Loved the answer to which player you hate the most from the opposition.."there's not much to like about Rooney" , very simple but a great shot.
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    Pop ups

    can anyone tell me why I keep getting a pop up for Uber filling half my screen? Really fkin annoying! Cheers
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    City vs Bayern Champions league final

    It could happen. What a situation, how it would pan out. How would both clubs , managers and sets of fans handle it?
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    Chinese chippy curry sauce.

    Anyone got a recipe for anything that vaguely resembles the delicious,mouthwatering but very unavailable delicacy mentioned in the thread title? We've been out in Perth nine years now and the only decent sauce we've had was the occasional box of paste ordered from wing yip warehouse and brought...
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    City group

    How surreal is it that ickle old ciddy will be playing Melbourne city this week. To think our club has spawned a new era of associated clubs around the world. There is a new one planned in Asia if I remember correctly, who would have imagined it all those years ago running up the mud hill at the...
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    Perth blues

    Has anyone started checking prices, packages where to stay etc for the pre season tournament over east? I'd love to go but obviously depends on price and availability. Cheers
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    The Sun

    They are at it again. I don't get involved in stuff like this any more being so far away it's hard to get the right angle on stuff but they definitely smell blood and are trying to drive a wedge between Micah and Mancini. They DO have an anti city agenda and the latest dirty trick is Micah being...
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    Security shield virus

    It's just latched onto my laptop and rendered it absolutely useless! I've just tried following a removal process but can't access the Internet in safe mode to download a virus killer. Any guides or help in plain English (for a computer phobe) cheers
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    Our Arry

    As bad as the media. How come he can never talk about us without mentioning us spending billions? He constantly tries to big up any of his own achievements by inferring he has spent fuck all which is miles harder than spending the trillions we have . Fucking wanker
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    The Sun

    Well their agenda (sorry,imagined agenda Pidge) is finally out in the open. Howard has come clean and admitted he hates us and we will never compare to teams who did it the right way, Forest, the rags, Arse, fact anyone who has ever won the league except us because we are doing it...
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    The police approach: Football matches and looting

    It seems there are differing methods of policing games and the people attending them, and the way they police scumbags who riot and loot. Whilst they were out in numbers during the looting they seemed to adopt a softly softly approach and hid behind their shields. As soon as there appeared to be...
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    Bluemoon goal of the season, city only

    Going to take the easy way out here , for sheer execution... Tevez free kick vs stoke. One of the finest technical free kicks I ever saw ,and with power to boot!
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    42 Years of fucking age and the only two times ive seen us win a trophy was the FA youth cup and the play off final. It only just sank in after weeks of worrying how much the red bastards would beat us by that we are in the final of the FA cup!!! cant believe it, saw the pics of my mates on the...
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    I know its wrong....

    But after reading the thread on that twat rag Boyle I clicked on redtissue and started reading the thread about a kid getting picked on and threatened at college, fucking brilliant and has to be someone off here so own up...who is 'BOLLOCKS'?
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    First half was spot on, except for the miss. Second half was an abrupt lesson to our manager and new players on how fast and physical, whilst still being skillful the Premier League can be. What we have to remember imo is that Mancini is actually a dyed in the wool Continental style manager...
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