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    Valentino Rossi to retire at the end of the MotoGP season

    The GOAT has announced he will retire at the end of the season. What a career, what a legend ! 9 times World Champion.
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    As of 20th May Organ Donation assumed

    The Law has changed and so unless you opt out the state will potentially lay claim to your organs. Not entirely comfortable...
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    Kitson attempting to oust Taylor at PFA

    Wish him the very best. Taylor is a parasite.
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    What a team !!!

    I know we are all gutted but we are so lucky to be watching this team. Mistakes happen, the best team doesn't always win. Get behind the lads and enjoy the ride. We still have 2 trophies in our hands.
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    City opening second office in China Some interesting tidbits in the article including MCFC is among the most popular clubs in China, and now has 12 official supporters’ clubs in China, with a regular broadcast...
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    Hong Kong Typhoon - unbelievable footage

    Apologies, it seems it's a fake. Fucking convincing though (maybe)
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    The statistics that make Man City a phenomenon

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere but thought it deserved it's own thread anyway. What a team, what a coach ! Another part of Pep’s philosophy is defence-by-attack. If you have the ball, the other side can’t score, and if you press them effectively when they do get the ball, they’re not much...
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    Great Stats Site

    I just stumbled across this site!/vizhome/xGTrendAnalysis/xGTrendAnalysisDashboard?publish=yes which I found pretty interesting. No need to log in, just play around.
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    It's the Kit that's the problem !

    According to Talksport (I know, I know) City have won a PL high of 28 points whilst wearing our home kit ! Which means only one point gained wearing the other...
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    GK IPA Championship Player of the Month - cheeky request !

    Hi All My son (who is, of course, a City fan) is a professional rugby player and has been nominated for the Championship Player of the Month Award. He has had a really tough time over the past 7 months with injuries and is currently playing whilst injured and will have an operation towards...
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    'Cleaned' PC - now I can't access forums

    As above. I can access Home page but not Forums. Any help to fix welcome Thanks
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    At the Etihad yesterday

    I was in town on business and had a little time to spare so I had a mooch around the Etihad - club shop etc. There were a lot of people around and it turns out we were hosting the finals of the PL Schools competition. There were people from all over looking around and being impressed by what...
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    Howards Blog - Great insight and a must read

    Some great insights from the journos and puts to bed the nonsense that the club have briefed against Mancini - a must read imho
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    Viagogo for Concert tickets

    Has anyone used Viagogo to sell unwanted concert tickets ? My daughter has a pair of One Direction tickets she no longer wants and I thought this might be a good way to get rid of them and maybe make her a little pocket money. Anyone done it and know of the pitfalls etc. Just had a look and...
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    What are all of us who don't tickets going to do

    next Sunday ? I'm not a Manc but feel I must make the pilgrimage. So where are all the City fans without tickets going to congregate ?
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    Vote for your favourite Blog

    Don't want to influence anyone but I love the Swiss Ramble ! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Etihad Stadium

    Can we all please try to use the correct name of our ground. If we as City supporters don't use The ETIHAD then how can we expect anyone else to ? If we don't then we will be handing everyone a stick to beat us with. All that money to sponsor a stadium and even their own supporters call it...
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    Bitter Bitter Blue Dippers

    Have a read and a laugh <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... -Cup-Final</a> Boys this is just the start. Best to end it all now ! Bwahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!
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    Great Vids on Official Site

    Check em out Love Pablo ! Joleon is thinking 'yeah it really was worth the shit' Micah & Joe = top lads Good to see Edin joining in the fun
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    So Stoke are in the Europa League now

    Congratulations to Stoke, win or hopefully lose on Saturday they will play in Europe next season
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