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    New Winger

    Do we need to buy new winger, or what we have is good enough ?
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    Diego Rosa

    The next Douglas Luiz :)
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    Luke Mbete

    Date of birth/Age: Sep 18, 2003 (16) Position: Centre-Back Citizenship: England I think he is one of the most promising players at the academy right now.
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    Newcastle (a) Pre-match Thread FA Cup

    Lets move on and focus on whats coming. ____________________Ederson_________________ Walker________Otamendi____Laporte_______Zinchenko ___________________Rodri_______________________ ___________Silva______________Foden___________ Sterling_____________Jesus____________Sane
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    Who can replace Leroy Sane?

    Apart from Jadon Sancho, I am not sure who can. my top picks will be : 1- Sancho 2- Benrahma 3- Adama
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    Goal of The Day

    Its just thread for everyone to post whatever nice memory happened on any day :)
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    Sergi Roberto

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    Nicolás De La Cruz

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    City v Liverpool - Community Shield pre-match thread

    On: Sunday, August 4th at : 15:00 BST Can't wait for the season to start, COME ON CITY
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    Rank our CBs

    For me its : 1- Laporte 2- Otamendi 3- Stones 4- Kompany
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    Adrian Bernabe

    Name Adrián Bernabé Date of birth 26 May 2001 Playing position Midfielder Its just thread to track his development
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    After winning the League

    Can Pep rest most of the 1st team players and give chance to the youngsters ( Foden, Diaz, Tosin..etc ) ?
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    NAC Breda 2017/2018

    Since they are part of City Group and have many City youngsters I thought they deserve their own thread. 2 losses & 1 draw from their first 3 games, hopefully they do better to remain in the Erdivisie ( Netherland First league )
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    Home vs Away

    Why are we doing better away when its usually the opposite ? We are 7th on the Home table behind Burnley and Everton while we are 1st in the away table.
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    Attacking midfielder who can shoot

    Is there any available attacking midfielder who can shoot from Out/inside the box ? Because it seems Silva & Nasri had a shooting phobia. I think even Ozil has this phobia also, there are some attacking midfielders who can do everything right on the pitch BUT shooting.
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    Top 4 finish is NOT quaranteed yet

    If Arsenal won all their remaining games they will get 73 points If Chelsea won all their remaining games but lost to Spurs they will get 74 points Spurs winning all their remaining games they will get 74 points. Chelsea have better goal difference than City ( +33 ) while Arsenal +31 ...
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    Ben Arfa to Spurs

    ‏@danlevy1 France's @infosportplus are saying Hatem Ben Arfa has begun talks with Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham have opened negotiations with Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa, 26, to bring him to west London next season. Full story: Sport24 IF he...
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    This weekend Premier League games

    Why Al-Habsi is not starting for Wigan ?
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    City strikers or Bayern strikers ?

    Who has the best set of strikers, City or Bayern ? My point from this thread is that there are more important positions to be improved before thinking to splash +50million on another striker.
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