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    Is there an unspoken agreement from some clubs not to sell to us?

    My son was up in Manchester last weekend visiting his mate who has recently signed for Salford City. He used to be in the City academy until age 12 when his family moved to Brighton, but he used to play with some of the lads who are now in the EDS (Mcatee, Palmer etc) and is still in touch with...
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    Cole Palmer

    He's actually mixed race. One of his parents is black/mixed race, and I guess of St Kitts & Nevis heritage.
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    #43 | Lukas Nmecha - 2020/21 Performances

    I've seen it reported that City will accept £15m for him. Seems a bit low to me on the back of the season he's had. Considering Arsenal are wanting £20m for Nketiah and Liverpool got £23m for Brewster. All speculation granted.
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    CFG | Academy | EDS in & out season 2021/22

    The Ilic brothers? Looks like Verona might be taking Ivan?
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    Everton (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Remember Agent Pickford took out Van Dijk for the season. If the title does turn into a stroll, he should get an honorary winner's medal.
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    What’s your favourite individual best season from any City era

    Shout out for Danny Tiatto - was it 2000-2001?
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    Lukas Nmecha

    Harry Kane had a number of underwhelming loans and was 21 before he really established himself at Spurs, so you never know. But I cant see it with Nmecha, tbh.
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    Deacon blue

    Shite (in a Scottish accent)
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    Players City have sold for a profit

    As I always point out on these threads - Danny Allsop - bought for £10k, sold for £100k
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    Players who underperformed at City but were great elsewhere

    Hinchcliffe. Good for us, but better for Everton. His inswinging corners were just about undefendable.
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    wifi booster

    A "room in the garden" then. It ain't no shed.
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    Edmond Tapsoba

    They can name their price then ...
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    Jadon Sancho

    Is it gospel that we have a sell on clause with Dortmund (assuming we don't buy him back)? If so, what's the likely %age?
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    wifi booster

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like a call to Virgin might be best initial step?
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    wifi booster

    Recently had a garden room installed which is to be used as an occasional office and need to get reliable, quick internet access. Our virginmedia router is currently positioned at the front of the house. Any advice as to the best way to boost the wifi down to the bottom of the garden (about 40...
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    ebay auctions

    A colleague trawls round boot fairs and re-sells on eBay. He makes a fortune on Lego, Playmobil, tech, designer clothing. It all goes in his foreign holiday fund and he usually goes on 3-4 holidays a year. Not now mind.
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    Players who should have played for City.

    Why'd you have to be in your mid 40's to remember that? I'm 53, and I remember it clear as day. Ageist!
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    Random stuff you'd ban if you could

    Jesus BB, I could spend all day on letter boxes that should be banned ... - ankle height ones, knee height ones, shoulder height ones, vertical ones, spring loaded ones, ones with stiff brushes behind them (especially when the householder is too dim to line them up properly), ones 3 inches...
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    Random stuff you'd ban if you could

    Ankle height letterboxes Steps The Internet Horse riding Nettles Public schoolers Flat face dogs The Boat Race/Henley Regatta/Cowes week -anything to do with posh cunts and water basically Deck shoes Braces The stock market Posh cunts Tories I could be here all day ...
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    Charlie Brookers Screen wipe

    Where was that then? Don't think he makes any bones that he's an odd ball loner, but he found his voice and most of the time he's very funny.
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