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    Inter Milan and Jiangsu FC

    Looks like Inter my be in financial difficulties and could have knock on affect for the rags. Still owe 47m for Lukaku.
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    International Break March

    With the international break fast approaching and as of yet no government exemption, there is the possibility of some players having to quarantine in an hotel for 10 days on return to uk from countries on the red list. The red list of countries currently includes Argentina, Brazil and Portugal...
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    Alternative striker options

    If Mbappe and Sanchez don't sign do people think we would stick with what we have got or go for another stiker. If so who would be a realistic target.
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    City and the freemasons

    Was talking to somebody yesterday who said they were a friend of Peter Swales and they said that Swales had told them stories about the deep connection between city and the freemasons. Even said that the wearing of sky blue had some mason connotation. Has anybody else heard about these supposed...
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    Top of the league

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