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    Maybe this is why the club have let the average fan's match day experience go to shit.... to push the ones with the means to go corporate. Pisstake that what you pay 700 for winds you up enough that you want to go to hospitality. That isn't a slight on you by the way. If you have the means...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Well Robinho was pretty rubbish for us. He's more like their Bridge equivalent and I'd wager he'll do better than Bridge was for us too. I do find it hard to think they'll manage a De Jong or Bellamy though, two of my favourite ever signings.
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    Jack Wilshere

    I had that initial thought but surely there's a reason why he's without a club, and I assume it's not just fitness. Injuries have broken him physically and mentally. Hargreaves did a similar thing, released a training video showing how hard he was working to stay fit and we ended up signing...
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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    Not there yet - they came a year after the takeover. They're at the January window which saw bridge, de Jong, given, and Bellamy. Those are the sort of players they need to be going for. De Jong and Bellamy were great, and given was to an extent in that it gave Hart time to mature out on loan...
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    Premier League Games 1/2/3 Jan 2022

    I expect them to win both those but it's not as much a foregone conclusion as it looks on paper. Both those sides have a bit about them this season and could grab something.
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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2021/22 Performances

    You made a shit post. When you single out a forward, responding to a post about him performing his defencive duties, siting his lack of effort, you e made a shit post.
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    #6 | Nathan Aké - 2021/22 Performances

    Two in a row where he's arguably up for man o the match
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    Brentford (A) - Wed 29th Dec, 20:15 | Pre-Match Thread

    I'd had near enough the same thought.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    An hour of the drive was stand still in the car park. I don't know why people can't go without their pint. As I said, I'm in my seat 1-45 and 45-90 and take advantage of the token system... But I'm not going to moan about how others match routine takes shape because I have better things to...
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Again, having ago at other blues without considering that the club's negligence and fuck ups cause it to begin with. If you could get a pint at half time, no one would leave at 35. But the service and infrastructure is inept as fuck. I normally get the train but obviously had to drive today...
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    No trains so I had to drive. I'll join in when a song gets going but I'm not very animated when I've not had a drink. Suspect a fair few were in my position but that's not the point as the atmosphere has been an issue for a while. The club doesn't give a single gram of a fuck. If they did...
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    Leicester City (H) - Sun 26th Dec, 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Any recommendations on where to park for a quick departure back to glossop? Wasn't planning on going today as we've been careful and avoided Covid so far but now sort of thinking I should just go. Normally get the train though and just remembered trains aren't on.
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    Phil and Jack on the lash?

    Not wise and it's been dealt with by pep from a professional conduct point of view On another note... Doesn't Phil have a new kid? Or at least Mrs is pregnant. Grealish Mrs is pregnant too, no? The virus is still novel, not enough study has been done on the long term effects on pregnant women...
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    Anti Vax Demonstration outside South Stand

    Honestly, the sycophantic understanding of these bastards in this thread. Yeah, they have the right to do what they want, but it doesn't make them any less of a twat. It's fucking selfish and born out of some deluded grasp at an identity fed to them by social media disinformation campaigns...
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    #5 | John Stones - 2021/22 Performances

    I think the reason pep is prefering Laporte is because Cancelo is playing left back more frequently now, which mean he wants a left footer on that side.
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    Should we sign a natural false 9?

    Given how long it takes new signings to truly get pep's way of playing, we're better off persisting with kdb, grealish, and Palmer (who looked excellent when he played there). Kdb already d cent there, grealish will get there. Rather we get a proper striker so we have both options.
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    #25 | Fernandinho - 2021/22 Performances

    Honestly thought he looked his age tonight. He's well worth having around but I thought he was easily our worst player today. Everyone else seems to think he did well (for his age, yeah) so maybe I'm off base. But certain other players give the ball away and get caught as much as he did and...
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    Vincent Kompany Interview

    Yeah I got that too. Shut him down a couple of times when Kompany was too polite.
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    West Ham (H) - Post-Match Thread

    You know how long it will have taken people to get home with the conditions today? I stayed to the end as my train leaves from ashburys and my wife was taking care of the kid. But some will have had to drive, others canceled trains. Football isn't as important as family commitments - why is...
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    West Ham (H) - Post-Match Thread

    Anyone commenting about performances and anything but the result clearly wasn't there. That was miserable even up in the third tier completely sheltered.
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