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    Xmas works party

    Where in Manchester can you listen to music and have a great time but not too expensive
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    Psychometric tests

    Got do these for a job interview, seen some examples still can’t get my head round them. Anyone else completed these or advice.
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    The worst century to die

    OK, watching the Last Kingdom tonight I thought which was the most horrendous century to die and the way people use to die. Morbid, I know...
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    Will COVID kill off the kiss

    The kiss on the lips, the kiss on the cheek, and the kiss on the forehead will this disappear.
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    Heroes in film

    James Bond is one of mine, discuss John Wayne in The Searches is another ,
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    Why do guys...?

    Like custard cakes, pork pies, cheese and onion crisps salted peanuts and women don’t .
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    Free view tv

    How do I install this on my Samsung 4 year tv, in idiot instructions please
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    Anthony Walker documentary on iPlayer

    This is the boy murdered by Joey Barton’s brother. It’s on bbc iPlayer, it’s a tough watch and this thug Barton is up for parole, throw away the key.
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    Sly v Arnie

    For me it’s sly just watched the latest Rambo.
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    Will the premier league survive.

    I don’t express to know how the money is paid to the clubs, is it in instalments or a one off payment at the start of the season.during this crisis fans are beginning to see how greed has really taken over the game, g14 clubs not wanting to share the profits with any other club so ffp comes into...
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    Future transfers

    When we eventually get back to some sort of normality how do you see players from all around the world dealing with this, are they gonna become more reluctant to stay in there own countries or will it all just be the same. Taking your family and loved ones to different leagues or will money...
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    End of the world

    What do you admit to doing wrong that your ashamed of.
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    “The work of God”?

    No I’m not a crack pot that’s the first thing. The earth is changing for the worst climate change Forrest fires water droughts extinction of wild animals the rich getting even more greedy is this our Noah’s Ark moment, killing off our loved ones and still we all show signs of the 7 deadly sins...
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    Fantastic Decade

    Many thanks to our brilliant owners who have delivered on their promises when they took over. Who would have believed what was in store when City were bought out. The fabulous players we have seen in the blue shirts will give us a lifetime of memories, all the trophies won and hundreds of...
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    Will KDB win player of the year?

    Will he pick this up, or will a scouse player win it.
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    Best ending to a film.

    Gladiator, to name one.
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    Holidays abroad.

    Are people booking holidays as normal or waiting to see how Brexit has any effect on prices for the coming year.
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    M6 Toll

    £6-70p one way as I discovered today, robbing bastards.
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    Film scores

    is there a better score than shaft.
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    Tee shirts

    most tee shirts I’ve only ever bought have cost between £10 and £15 and after a few washes look like shit, so my question is where would I get a more expensive type say between £30 to £40 which looks ok.
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