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    Sauvage How Much?!?!

    I was in Boots yesterday and saw the the new Sauvage Elixer EDT. I tried the tester and it’s really nice stuff, but the price - £115 for 60ml was way out of my league. It got me wondering; what’s a fair amount to pay to smell good and what’s the most people have paid?
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    Quality Street favourites

    I work in a hospital clinic and some nice patient brought us in a tin of Quality Street this morning. I've just gone to make a brew and get a chocolate and some twat has opened the tin and taken every purple one and every orange cream too! It made me think - what is everyone's favourite from...
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    Hot water advice needed

    I’ve recently moved into a rented flat and there’s an Ideal Combi Boiler installed. It has all the necessary service history etc but I’m finding that as the weather gets colder I can’t seem to get really hot water. The dial on the boiler for water temperature is as high as it will go but even...
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    The Deer Hunter; Discuss

    Just sat tonight watching this film for what must be the 10th time. Beautifully filmed and brilliantly acted throughout but I always feel let down by the ending. There’s no other possible end to it really but yet it still seems disappointing. Despite all that it’s great to see John Cazale in...
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    Who is your favourite/the greatest human?

    I’ve just been watching the Michael Parkinson interviews with Muhammad Ali and they reminded me of just what an incredible person he was (in my opinion). If I was to pick my favourite human or who I considered to be a genuinely great person then it would be Ali. Who would you pick and why?
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    Other clubs owners

    I’m just getting to know my girlfriends’ teenage son, he’s a good kid and football daft. He supports Morecambe (where he lives) and West Ham and he gives me some grief about City with the oil comments etc. I’d like to be able to throw some comments back about other clubs owners and dodgy...
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    Waking up in the wet bit....

    Over the past few months I’ve started suffering from night sweats and wake up in the middle of the night wet through and lying in cold wet sheets. I’m 51 and as some will know from previous posts I suffer from depression and anxiety and had also been hitting the bottle hard. Things are a lot...
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    Asked to be Godfather

    My best mate has asked me to be godfather to his son and I’m absolutely made up at being asked. The problem is I have no idea what to buy his son as a christening gift, but I want to get something really special. Has anyone got any good ideas or received something really good for their son...
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    Ripped off by fake site - advice please

    Just over a week ago my Bluetooth speaker started playing up so I thought I’d treat myself to a new one as a kind of early birthday present seeing as me and the wife recently split and I’m also nearly 7 weeks sober (see my alcoholic thread). I chose the JBL Charge 4 and found a site called...
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    Unwanted scaffolding

    I moved into my rented house in January and there’s a scaffolding roof saddle for work that was being done on next doors roof last autumn. It’s built in front of my house on the pavement and also takes up half of my back yard; it’s about 2 feet in front of my back door and kitchen window. When...
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    Seattle/Jimmy Hendrix kit This popped up on my Facebook feed this morning - Seattle Sounders have launched a special kit in tribute to Jimmy Hendrix. Adidas have done a nice job with the purple and putting his signature on it.
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    Admitting I’m an Alcoholic

    After talking to family, my doctor and Occupational Health at work I have finally accepted that I am an alcoholic. It’s been a long time coming; my wife was telling me last year before we split and I didn’t want to hear it. But over the past few weeks things really got out of control and I made...
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    Minibus etiquette

    Because of Covid the department I work in at my local hospital has been moved to another hospital 30 minutes away and we have to be transported in a minibus every day there and back. There’s a young foreign woman who gets on and she spends the entire journey babbling away in a foreign language...
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    Centurions season dvd

    Been thinking about the poor quality of previous dvds of season campaigns and I’m wondering if there is a tech savvy person on here who could put together their own Centurions dvd with all the footage they have from ‘certain broadcasting companies’? I’ve seen people selling dvds of previous...
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    Full screen adverts

    Just noticed this morning that once I go onto a thread I’m getting full screen adverts; the kind where you have to put your finger right at the bottom of the screen and scroll it up before you see the rest of the thread. Not seen this on BM before - is it a new thing?
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    Bathroom Ceiling Paint

    We have a small bathroom with an extractor and window but despite these the ceiling paint is still cracking and starting to peel, (I’ve had a battle for years with the teenage stepdaughter trying to get her to open the window when she’s going to shower but it’s just caused so many family...
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    Removing iron on letters and numbers

    So at the weekend I went through to visit my friend who lives by Liverpool as it was his birthday and his partner is about to give birth to his first kid. They surprised the hell out of me with a wrapped gift which turned out to be a replica 1969 F.A Cup final City shirt with “GODPARENT?” and a...
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    Q Magazine is no more.

    Are we bothered? I have some fond memories of their “who does.... think they are?” pieces that were often great fun (Dave Lee Travis meltdown), but the magazine seemed a bit elitist at times.
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    Crap Plumber Aftermath

    Has anyone ever had any joy getting money out of a tradesman once he has dissolved his business? Last year we had a new bathroom put in including replacing the bath with a shower cubicle and putting waterproof boarding up instead of tiling it. A year later and we’ve discovered he did an...
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    Kenny Sansom in hospital

    Apologies if posted elsewhere but just seen on Sky News that Kenny Sansom is in hospital with a serious head injury and fighting for his life after being beaten up. Hope the poor bloke pulls through, god knows he’s had it rough enough since retirement.
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