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    Premier 2 season?

    Hello you beautiful folk, I have a question. Is the Premier 2 season or the under23s broadcast live anywhere or is it still in the teletext era for this attraction? Hoping to watch a bit of it live today at 13:00... Thanks Please delete if in the wrong forum.
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    Jack Harrison - 2019/20 Performances

    Played well tonight, looks a good prospect.
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    Double room in a good hotel available 24th of Feb

    Due to unforseen circumstances,we are now unable to travel to Wembley. We have a double room available for £70 on the Saturday night. Message for details Cheers Pete
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    City v Chelsea u 23 away

    Is on Chelsea TV, couldn't find a topic anywhere. 2-2 at the moment, 2 for Diaz.
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    If any of you guys watched 'stranger things' then you may of liked the 80s inspired title track. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but we don't seem to have a synthwave thread on bluemoon. I really like the synthwave scene especially 80s inspired soundtracks that artist are making with classic...
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    Heaton Park question...

    Would it be such a shit hole if it was London's largest park, just a question? Took the my girl there today and was dissapointed to find the paraphernalia of the 'party in the park' still thrown about the place, fences in need of repair and the orangeries building looking like it was boarded...
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    PC game: Rust.

    Anyone playing it?
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    Andriod and Youtube problems.

    I wonder if any of you tech heads can help. On my Samsung (android) galaxy 10.0 tab. Everytime I try to play an youtube clip it says that I'm already playing a video and need to stop that one before I can play the current one, only problem is I can't find this ongoing never ending video I'm...
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    "Bad Advice"......The Home Improvement Section.

    Thought I'd do a hero and villain thread on home improvement advice from the so called "Professionals". Six months ago I had a leaking tap (a mono where both hot and cold water pour from the same spout), not being to worried as I'm very well cover by the BritishGas 'home serve' policy. So I...
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    Got in tonight after a few beers and put queen on YouTube linked up to my tele and!!! Broke my heart watching Freddie. Got to be the best group live, absolutely brilliant during the band aid. My girl was asking me about Freddie and I found it hard to hold back my feelings (did...
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    The Negredo Competition........

    HOLA Okay my muckers, just for some light entertainment and after some encouraging signs... How will our new number '9' score his first goal for the mighty blues, will it be: Left foot. Right foot. Header. I'm going for a header, due to the involvement of Mr Navas. ***STUNNING*** All correct...
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    Anyone playing? Anyone lost saved data? Apart from the saved data thing the game is pretty much spot on and I will be knee deep in zombie remains for the next few days.
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    Decent 2nd Keeper.....

    Love Joe but.... I hope Bobby invests in another keeper, one that can challenge Joe. Joe's been turning up in his slippers recently and has become far to confident of his slot. Joe's a great lad but he needs some real COMPETITION as he's getting to complacent recently. Well what do you think...
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    Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM....

    Love my dark rum, but tonight, oh yes tonight I've just sipped the king, the special one, the Rum of all Rums. Funny enough I picked it up from Aldi's and it's called Mulata, all the way from Cuba. Seriously if you like Rum, then get yourself down to Aldi's and pick one up.......Fantastic!!!
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    Brazil v Argentina - Superclassico

    On ESPN now, not sure if it's live, but there's some young decent players on each side. One called Neymar, but I've not heard of him. :) Sadly I missed the full line ups, but only those that play in their national league (Brazil/Argentina) can play, so it's good to watch.
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    Devon, Torquay based blues.

    Higgi1p wrote in another thread: Hi all On a similar topic (can`t post my own yet as new member) but does anybody know of a supporters club in or near Torquay (Devon) ? I have been a supporter since 1964 and born in Torquay but now retired. I am a blue city card holder. Been home and away a...
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    Just heard on talksport

    An Argentinian commentator sing a Kun Aguero song. Na na naaaa na Na na naaaa na Hey hey ho Kun Aguero. Sounded decent enough. Perhaps we could give it a trial tonight?
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    The who will be sent off for tonights game?? "STAR" prize!!!

    I'm going for Nige or Lescott. Two players only..... Who ever get the right player/players gets a big cuddle from your very own, man of the moment Ric T. It might be best not to mention this to Ric........
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    How do you think Clattenberg did yesterday?

    Apart from Mario's yellow card which was a poor show, I thought he did okay. Considering we all feared the worse, but credit where it's due for me, saying that I doubt he will get another Owed Trafford job this season after the sending off.
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    Time to think before acting.

    Constantly hearing that we should get rid of Tevez, from ALL the pundits, top managers and other fans.... But of course their going to say this, at the end of the day. Afterall Tevez is a guaranteed 25-30 goal a season machine....So maybe this is why we are hearing all these so called 'know...
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