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    City Square for Brighton match

    hi I am in city centre I have 1 adult ticket 1 65 age ticket and 2 kids ticket you can have them if you can pick up do not want any money
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    Spurs’ new stadium

    off course it is spurs fault you our meant to play all home games on one ground your ground has to be ready not might be maybe so you should have been playing this season at wembly then when did fixtures would have been away when ground not available . now if played on monday will cause...
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    Spanish police

    what did the club do in the 2012 after 2012 in madrid could the club not have told the police before the match they will have there people watching and filming what happens
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    City to be charged for booing Champions League jingle (anthem)

    please could you give me the conact details for eufa because i would like to speak to them
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    City Vs Seville Champions League Pre Match Thread

    not garcia he has not been here long enough
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    Spurs Vs City Post Match Thread

    if he was injuried why was he sub
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    good stuff but also what is needed to conact other fans of clubs who play in champions league and tell uefa if they do not re-imburse fans who payed money for moscow we wil write to there sponsers and tell them we will boycott there products untill they stop sponsering uefa
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    The biggest away following at City?

    sunderland in fa cup match 1973 bigger than league game everton 1965 fa cup could well be most since 1965 25 percent of crowd
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    Tunnel Cam V Cardiff / Solskjaer

    i am a close personal friend of the dempsey family and yes they support man utd but was out with mark on sat evening and he speaks very well of city in many ways how good the team our how they got treated by city when they went to watch them v westham and blackburn i have also put a bet...
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    Bayern V EDS

    Yeah just get off the U-bahn at Silberhornstrasse and it's five minutes walk.[/quote could you please tell me what number you get from centre of munich
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    John Guidetti

    Re: John Guidetti's fitness? thought you had to be under 21 he was 21 in april
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    Viktoria Plzen Away ticket needed

    i will have cat 1 ticket spare
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    Viktoria Plzen - Day Trip on Sale Now

    if you still need ticket i have a spare one cat 1 cost 86pounds
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    Newcastle Travel

    go on facebook blue alliance got room on coaches
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    Betting in City - What is the firm called?

    name on coupon is bettinson but bet stadia lay the bets they bet at most premership grounds
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    City fans rushed by Spanish Police

    who is simon keiner
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    Swindon Town 1965 Crowd 8015 Were you there ?

    yes i was there
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    blackburn travel thread.

    is there any spare seats on coach or minbus from city centre please
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    We're the whore of football - Brian Reade (Merged)

    Re: Just found this on the mirror website - Brian Reade (Merged) yaha toure will be getting 4.1mllon a year after tax but he is not english wll not be paying british tax he wll be paying tax at small rate that what will happen to loads of footballers and other people who our classed as non...
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