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    Chinese investor house buying scam

    I’m selling a terraced house in Walkden With no chain on my side. 3 times I’ve agreed a sale via my estate agents with ‘Chinese investors’ and 3 times the twats have pulled out for no reason. The most recent one being today when it was supposed to complete tomorrow. There’s nothing wrong with...
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    Waze traffic app

    Anyone either swear by this or had a go on it and think it’s shite?...
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    The Snip

    Who’s had it? How was it? I’m doing it.
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    Drunk cyclists

    last Friday on my way home from work in Chester some absolute lunatic on a racing bike crashed into me whilst waiting to join a roundabout. He’s scratched the whole side of my car, knocked my wing mirror off and put a crack right across the windscreen. Totally his fault as I was stationery. I...
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    Best mid / premium tablet

    Im upgrading my 5yr old iPad and would appreciate some advice. I was going to get another iPad but yesterday I saw my mates Hauwei P20 and it made my iPhone 6 look like a fossil so that got me open to non Apple tablets. I need cellular and wifi and will spend up to £450 and want a 9 inch screen...
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    Gabriel Jesus 2018-19 performances

    Has he had his cheekbone fixed?.... It seems nowhere near as pointy now.
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    Smalling shirt pulling

    fucking outrageous against Southampton! He fucking did it on every free kick and corner and the ref did fuck all!!! And MOTD analysis failed to even mention it, what a surprise! And that **** Fellaini was elbowing again on headers. Watch fuck all get done......
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