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    Home Wifi CCTV

    Cheers all really appreciate your advice
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    Home Wifi CCTV

    Good afternoon boys and girls. Wondering if anyone can recommend a Home Wifi CCTV system that they have used set up and can recommend? Cheers all
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    crypto interest

    KSM You heard it hear 1st :)
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    Jack Grealish

    Yeah because spitting on little girls is always a great reputation to have.
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    XBOX X Series Monitor advice

    Hi all Wondering if any of you guys could recommend a Gaming monitor that will work with my sons XBOX X series Requirements are it has to run at 1440p and 120hz Is anyone usiing one that can actually confirm one as working? Not after the most expensive one, in fairness the cheaper the...
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    Lionel Messi

    I`ll still be laughing at this next week :)
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    I just went from 6 to 12 Pep Guardiola: "Whatever league we are in, I will still be here. Even if they put us in League Two, I will still be here. This is a time for sticking together." [via @SkyKaveh]
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    Bugsy`s Ashton, anybody remember it?

    Done a Bugsy`s tunes only mix last night for anyone interested. :)
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    Smart meters - what is the purpose?

    I don`t need a smart meter because I`m a tight tw@t, ask my wife. I turn everything that does`nt need to be on off constantly. And if i find out they have put the heating on before November woe betide.
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    Illegal streaming being clamped down on

    I pay £55 a year for iptv and it`s brilliant, it just works all the time and the streaming quality is superb. It has all the 3p kick offs, and has all the Sky channels plus a lot more. Can`t fault it.
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    Apple iPhone and more

    Speak for yourself mate :) I pre order the Galaxy Note every year. Lovely phone
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    Vincent Kompany testimonial

    Good man, found them. Cheers mate
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    Pre vinny game Manchester - meet up! The Waldorf. 4pm. 26 so far.

    Once again thanks Karen, I`ve just noticed that thread and can see quite a few people have had the same issue.
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    Vincent Kompany testimonial

    Can anyone tell me what email address these e tickets have been sent from please?
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    General Videogame Thread

    Is this story mode completion, or 100% of single player? I completed the story mode about 3 weeks after it came out, But my total completion was about 90% Some of the things you have to do to get 100 completion is just ridiculous haha
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    General Videogame Thread

    Wipe out 2048 is currently free on PS Plus. Great fun, been doing the campaign. Some proper freaks playing online though, i have no idea how anyone can get some of the times they do. I doff my cap to them.
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    Man attempts to cross country in entirely straight line

    He`s really scared of farmers isn`t he?
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    United thread 2019/20

    Here come the years of endless, he`s joining the coaching staff, rumours :)
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    General Videogame Thread

    HAHAA I know what you mean. I`m not expert trust me, I`ve only played it a handful of times, I`m still very much learning it`s a cracking game though.
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