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    Home Wifi CCTV

    Good afternoon boys and girls. Wondering if anyone can recommend a Home Wifi CCTV system that they have used set up and can recommend? Cheers all
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    XBOX X Series Monitor advice

    Hi all Wondering if any of you guys could recommend a Gaming monitor that will work with my sons XBOX X series Requirements are it has to run at 1440p and 120hz Is anyone usiing one that can actually confirm one as working? Not after the most expensive one, in fairness the cheaper the...
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    Walk of Pride

    For anyone who can be arsed listening, i have heard they are moving the plaques to a spot in the Colin Bell Stand apparently. I had one myself, and found out through a colleague the other day what has happened to them. Hope this helps, just in case anyone paid for one.
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    Panasonic TV sound lag when watching Sky

    Just treated myself to a Panasonic tx48cx400b, last night. Nice telly, looks smart, but i have noticed i keep getting an intermittent sound lag / sound out of sinc type problem. I have checked the Panasonic website, but can`t find anything that might be able to help. Any had one of these, and...
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    Mark as read.

    What have i done? I don`t have the little blue dot anymore, to view the last page of any thread i have been in. Cheers.
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    Price hike for UK mobile spectrum

    boooo :( wonder how much of this will be passed on to us then? The amount the government charges mobile operators to use airwaves space - known as spectrum - has risen from £64.4m to £199.6m per year. Although less than originally suggested by...
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    Best place/price for XBox One games

    I`m after Rory McIlroy for the XBox One, can i ask where people buy games from, and who normally does the best prices? Any suggestions, would be much appreciated. Thanks :)
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    Droidsticks/Wookie Blocked by Sky Broadband.

    Anyone caught up in the middle of this mess? Droistick has sort of gone, but Joined up with Wookie, so i have wiped my T8 box and i`m now currently stuck with a box with no add-ons. Anyone having the same issues?
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    Phones 4 U Auction

    Here you go boys and girls, just having a browse through now trying to spend sum Christmas dosh :) <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;">
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    The Sun Dream Team suggestions

    Anyone got any decent tips for cheaper options to fill in the odd blank here and there ? Picked 4 or 5 decent expensive players, and then it becomes really hard. Help :)
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    Rag tour wearing a rag top for charity.

    Basically in Mossley, we are having a charity boxing match, Blues v Reds to try and put a defibrillator in every school in the town. I was boxing, but unfortunately, my hip is goosed after an op last year, and i have made it worse training for the fight, so i pulled out. Long story short, the...
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    Shaun Goater training jacket

    My mate managed to get shaun goater’s training top on the day the goat left city in July 2003 – the jammy git. Due to his circumstances, he is selling it, so he’s putting up for auction on ebay <a class="postlink"...
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    Chromecast + Nexus 7 suggestions

    Got a Chromecast due any day now, and i have a Nexus 7 i intend to use with it. Any suggestions for streaming sites, or anything else it is useful for would be much appreciated. Cheers
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    Nexus 7 & Live footy links.

    Treated myself to one of these bad boys, tried watching a match on it yesterday and the links won`t open (wiziwig etc) Anyone know a way around this? Cheers.
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    Scousers on the bus

    Can anyone help please? Trying to find a pic that was doing the rounds not too long ago, it says something like "lets go back to sleep lads and dream of when we nearly won the title in December" Just winding a scouse mate up. Cheers for any help.
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    Wow Jean-Claude Van Damme

    This is brilliant The latest Volvo commercial is going viral for good reason. Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme takes his 53 year-old body to the next level to showcase Volvo's Dynamic Steering System. The stunt is in fact real. A Volvo rep confirmed...
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    Black Ops Ghost deals ps3

    Anyone know who has the best deals for it please? Thanks in advance
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    PPI Offer

    Just had a letter through the door, advising they are prepared to off me just under `a bag of sand`. Is it advisable to accept this, or tell them to sling it and wait for a 2nd offer? Cheers for any advice.
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    Ylvis - The Fox

    I just don`t know what to say about this. Apoligies if already posted.
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    Francois Toure

    Has anyone got the picture of him in the shower and it says "Do you want to buy a renault clio"? I want to show a friend, was very funny at the time. Cheers
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