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    Changes after jabs

    After having both jabs I have began to suffer with aching knees , anyone else noticed any changes
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    Alex Bellfield

    Does anyone follow this guy on you tube , got an interesting battle going on with the bbc
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    Angellica bell

    T.v is crap but she keeps lighting my day up , even watching a very country christmas now
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    Piers Morgan

    Anyone else think this guy believes his hype , constantly talks over his guests very rude , miss Reid seems to be following him butting in when asking questions
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    City v blackburn 4 -1 ewood park 2000

    Just watched this on youtube what a day it was, city fans everywhere that day , great atmosphere , Good memories and no doubt plenty ov stories, was a great night in town when we got back
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    Local shop

    After using my local shop a lot more than usual . Do you think when this is over, people will use them more in future ?
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    NHS and all key workers

    Just want to thank all the people who are fighting for all ov us and our families . We owe you all so much and may you all stay safe thank you
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    Season ticket payments - refunds/credits due by June 19th

    Will the club continue to take debits for those who pay monthly ?
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