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    Premier League Games 20/21/22/April

    Ole's at the wheel. Turns out he can't fucking drive.
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    United (H) Post Match Thread

    Of the 15 League derbies since Shrek's overhead kick, City have won 9 to Scum's 4 with 2 draws. Power Shift!
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    Knighthood for Kiddo?

    Law, Mangnall, Meredith and Turnbull, but he's probably up there with the latter two.
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    Who Will Pose A Threat Next Season

    Definitely this. Aside from that, Red Scouse are the obvious threat. I wouldn't discount Arsenal. They'll probably need time under Emery but I can see them pushing back into the Top 4 at least if it comes together.
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    City Vs Chelsea FA Community Shield Pre Match thread

    Whether people see it as a friendly or not is beside the point, I always want us to win this. Funnily enough, winning this on Sunday would see us holding 5 League titles, FA Cups, League Cups and Community Shields each. Making up for lost time, Blues! Bring Stones in with Laporte if he's ready...
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    Formed in 2008! No history!

    I always like to go back to before WW2 etc., for some real, cold historical facts. Like how when City won the FA Cup in '34, Utd came within a point of relegation to Division 3. Or how in '37 when City won the league for the first time, Utd were relegated back to Division 2. A Utd fan exposed...
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    United 2016/17

    Funny you should say that because I only suggested that to a mate today. I think Pep would work wonders with Shaw, that's without taking into consideration the motivation Shaw could have to prove Mourinho wrong, much in the way people are suggesting Hart would against Pep. Such a deal may also...
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    Cook or Soriano?

    Pretty constructive responses, good stuff. In regards to the badge, my belief is that it could be better and more closely reflect our old round crests. All the ingredients are there, but it's like a demo version of a great song. Good starting platform that can be improved to make something great.
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    Cook or Soriano?

    As per the title. Forgive me if this ends up sounding like a petty rant but I'm intrigued as to how other Blues view this. For all his misdemeanours, particularly at Hall of Fame ceremonies, I don't think anybody can doubt Garry Cook's passion for the job he had at Manchester City. He genuinely...
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    David Silva - 2016/17 performances

    I thought in the first half he was superb. He's almost adopting an Iniesta role, doing far more than he's ever done in terms of both creativity and defensive duties. In the second half he got sloppy, playing more like he has done in the last two years, though I felt that most of the team...
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    Joe Hart (joined Torino on season long loan - Official)

    The one thing I'm worried about is certain sections of our fanbase turning on Pep. I'll reiterate; Pep is the third consecutive manager we've had who has believed that Hart should be replaced. This isn't just about Hart's abilities as a keeper, it's also about his attitude. As much as Hart has...
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    Claudio Bravo

    For the right price? Possibly.
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    Claudio Bravo

    Very naive. If De Gea had been sold, he would've happily gone there.
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    Joe Hart (joined Torino on season long loan - Official)

    People seem to be forgetting that Pep is the third consecutive City manager who has at least felt the desire to replace Joe Hart. Mancini would've sold him had he stayed. Pellegrini dropped him in consecutive seasons. Now Pep is seemingly on the verge of selling him. I personally am very...
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    Guess Team/Score Comp - Session 1 Match 1 - Sunderland h

    Caballero Sagna, Adarabioyo, Stones, Clichy Sterling, Fernandinho, Delph, Fernando, Nolito Agüero Subs: Gunn, Zabaleta, Otamendi, Kolarov, Touré, Silva, Iheanacho City 3-0 Sunderland
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    New home shirt (confirmed)

    If you look, the best products with the new badge are the blue training tops & the casual shirts like polos. Problem is, the prices are fucking disgraceful. The badge is best represented in stitched form on an all blue top, but clearly Nike & the club have their heads up their arses.
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    vs Sunderland Starting 11?

    Hart Sagna, Adarabioyo, Otamendi, Clichy De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Touré, Nolito Sterling Agüero I wouldn't be surprised if any of Gunn, Angelino, Maffeo or the Garcias featured either, and I can certainly see Sané at least coming on as a sub.
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    He's a dick, he's even worse on Twitter. He's popular with the social media plastics, probably because the shit he spouts is in line with what they believe.
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    New home shirt (confirmed)

    Just depressing. The name & number prints make it worse, so cheap & nasty.
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    Guardiola song....thoughts

    Let me put you in the picture, Let me show you what I mean, Guardiola's fucking magic, He's the best we've ever seen!
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