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    Songs with Britishisms and British references

    Frank Turner - If ever I stray.
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    Helen the bell ringer

    This is how it feels to be City.
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    List 6 big name Bands/Singers you never got into.

    Is it too late to add.... Lennie Kravitz. Red hot chilli peppers.
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    We once spotted a wasp nest up in a tree at Rivington. As we looked up at it, one of them flew down and stung my 6 year old on the lip, cleared off sharpish but he looked like the missing link when his lip swelled up!
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    List 6 big name Bands/Singers you never got into.

    Radiohead Foo fighters Arctic monkeys Suede Muse Guns and roses
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    Steve Coogan

    A good few years before saville died, I went to watch comedian/magician Jerry Sadowitz in Bolton. Never one to hold back at the best of times, he spent the first five minutes saying absolutely terrible (but it appears true) things about saville, so it must have been widely known in showbusiness...
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    Does anyone over 45 on here still play 5 a side?

    I turn 60 in December and am down to playing 6 a side once a week on a 4G pitch, I intend playing as long as possible as the benefits far outweigh the negatives imo. Players are mainly 30s with a few in their 20s and a few my age, it's always a good competitive game and very rarely any daft...
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    How long would you last in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime?

    There's an excellent book, Playgrounds of the Gods, by sports journalist Ian Stafford in which he trains and competes with various elite sportsmen. The best chapter is when he trains and then goes 3 rounds with Roy Jones jnr. Jones agrees to take it easy and then unleash for the last minute or...
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    Injury Updates

    Well if he is going to be making those kind of aggresive foul challenges, maybe he shouldn't be the one wearing protection. He's a ****.
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    Injury Updates

    You're right that Ferna is our main man for that type of foul. But, despite the numerous times that he's done it, I'm struggling to remember him leaving the other player in the state that KDB is in.
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    Hangover Cures.

    A pint of cold flat full fat coca cola definitely aids recovery for me.
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    Words you hate?

    Freakin' , mainly used by twats of the American variety.
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    Songs you hate with every fibre of your being.

    All summer long by 'kid' rock, complete and utter shite. & 7 seconds by nenah cherry, pretentious caterwauling tripe.
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    Last Film You Saw

    Searching - Social media based thriller, good film.
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    Saddest songs.

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    Covid Vaccine Thread

    Absolutely fine this morning, never had any reaction at all with previous vaccines.
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    Covid Vaccine Thread

    Had my first jab last night (oxford) and have felt like shit all day today with flu like symptoms, hopefully better tomorrow.
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    Man United (H) | Pre-Match Thread
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    Owning a nice watch

    I fancied a nice watch when I finished work last year. I'd been looking for 12 months or so and had narrowed it down to about 5, the dearest one being this one which was 4k. Anyway, we were in Kuala Lumpur this time last year and there are loads of fancy watch shops in the malls and they are...
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    Last Film You Saw

    The Dig & The fundamentals of caring, both on Netflix and both very good.
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