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    Ruben Neves

    In a window or two we could well be hearing about this guy being a target for our much-coveted DM position. Outstanding prospect.
  2. J

    I Really Hate....

    ...that stupid Premier League pre-match ritual where the teams walk out side-by-side, the announcer states that a handshake is taking place and that corny music is played at full blast. What could be worse than having the fans cranked up to full volume, ticker-tape raining down, Right Here Right...
  3. J

    The Gut Feeling That Is The Inevitable

    In spite of a supposed dire season, does anyone else get that horrible feeling that Liverpool will sneak into the top 4? I cannot think of anything worse for top-flight football in England than to have the same four teams once again occupying the top four places. I watched the...
  4. J

    Craig Bellamy Interview On Radio 5Live

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 325259.stm</a> "Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy regrets his clash with a pitch invader at Old...
  5. J

    Knockout Football

    Is anyone else tired of the format of European football? The Champions League is becoming one of the most boring, formulaic, predictable competitions in world sport. I feel UEFA missed an opportunity when they revamped the UEFA Cup. Why does this competition need a group phase? Bit of a...
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