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    I Love Roberto Mancini

    Hard luck to the lads last night, just didn't go our way. Shame about the red for Ade as well, bit of a blow for us at this time and I thought a bit harsh considering he was holding off. Obviously, Bobby knows what he's doing, he's a great manager, but I still can't understand why the players...
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    Why I love this forum

    It doesn't matter how much time you can spend away from Bluemoon, you can come back and just take up from where you left off -When shall we sack the manager ( whoever we've had for the LAST six months ) -The old badge / new badge is shite. Should we sack both designers. -Who should be the next...
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    Fan Clubs

    Anyone know if there is a City supporters club based in Bolton? I know Wigan have one. Ta.
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    David Mayall on here?

    Ok. I realise this isn't friends reunited ( but I've already tried there). But I used to go to Maine road with my mate called Dave Mayall, back in 70's when we were kids. We both lived in Burnage at the time. If anyone sits near him, or any of his brothers, John, George, Will, Pete. Or...
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    Manchester City Statistics and Scores @ Statto

    I'm sure some of you visit here already BUT here is the link for those who haven't. Noticed a few statistic questions. For those interested, these pages containt everything you need to know about city since statistics were first recorded.
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    Lets have that Bluemoon special effect lighting at the semi!

    And show the rags what atmosphere is all about.......yeaaahhhhhhh.
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    Carlos Tevez and my Sons nose at Blackburn Game!

    My lad Tom wanted to thank everyone around him ( in block 117/South Stand ) at the game monday night who came over to see how he after a Carlos Tevez rebounded and hit him in the face. He's as proud as anything about it and more pleased that Carlos then found the net three times instead. And...
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    What happened last night? What a total dissapointment!

    I worked late, so came straight to the match and as a treat, I let myself get some chips in the ground. They were freezing cold, hardly a full tray and 2.20 or something. You'd think with all the electric used on special effects last night we could at least get warm chips. Effin' disgrace...
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    Life is Good and Blue

    I realise there are some negatives at the moment, but very few, unless you really just looking to be miserable, not unusual in here of course :-) Current Stats - Joint 3rd with United for the least conceded goals. - 3rd in the highest average attendances: United and Arsenal Better. - Fourth...
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    Ade's Article on MCFC is Good - We are Family Singalong

    I like it. Spreading the love and making a strong statement about the blues. He knows Stevie is under pressure, so it's nice to see him come out in support. Nice one Ade!
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    City till I draw I'm city till I draw, I know I am, I'm sure I am, I'm city till I draw Here is a new song for all you "wannbe united" supporters who booed my beloved man city yesterday.
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    Anyone know where I can get this watch from? Important!

    I went to ARGOS yesterday afternoon for one of those 70 minute per hour watches they sometimes use at Old Trafford, but they insist they don't supply them to anyone not in the inner circle of United; FA, Referees, 4th officals etc etc. Anyway, I'd really really like one because it would...
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    Doesn't need to ever score another goal .....

    ....because Emmanual Adebayor is my absolute hero. It's great to have another real character back at City. And a tough one like Francis Lee ( though taller). We are changing so much and so fast as a club. Saturday was like a cup match, good days and more to come. Thanks Ade!! thanks Sheikh...
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    Is there still a "Top 4"

    Ok. I've watched Liverpool, watched arsenal, watched united, watched chelsea. This year must be the most open PL in many years. Liverpool look average, united just don't look dangerous on the counter anymore, chelsea do look good, but not unbeatable and Arsenal? Not sure, they're good as...
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    BBC Website on todays game, and Mark Hughes Interview

    Well balanced write up, and Mark Hughes answers that the lescott deal is still under discussion between the clubs.
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    Great day, great fans, great match! Hughsey give us a wave..

    ....and he did. So well done our fans it was excellent! All our support was I think. In fact, the atmosphere and confidence is just getting better at our place don't you think? I hope we can keep up the 47,000+ attendances, amazing stuff. Made a couple new mates as always, got some sunshine...
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    Hello Hello City are Back

    Hello, Hello City are back, City are back, Hello, Hello, City are back, City are back. Had to say it because it's been ringing round my bloody head all night, and the ride to work this morning, and just as I started writing some new software. And then, Burnley win and I just start singing it...
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    Referees Still Needed

    If anyone is interested, many leagues in the North West are eager to take on new referees. Normally, a Sunday league game will pay around £25.00, or the under 16 games will pay between £10.00-£20.00, refereeing at the younger age levels is a great way to start refereeing, and you get paid...
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    Away Form for Top 6

    One away match out of the way. We've now achieved 50% of what we did last year away!! Which is good, given that we also did it in what was a difficult match. If we keep the same home form as last year, and win 4 more away, then we'd have finished in 5th position in 2008/2009. I'm confident we...
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    Taking Photographs

    Did do a search but it turn up a lot of results, so apologies if this has been asked. I want to take my camera to COMS instead of my camera phone, to take some pictures of my lad, his first year as a season ticket holder! I'm was going to take my Fuji Finepix S1500. Anyone in the know? Cheers.
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