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    Euro's Streaming outdoors delay Solved!

    Nothing worse than watching a game via BBC Iplayer etc, and then you here the Neighbours cheer, before we have even been given a penalty! If like me, you stream the game to your mancave or whatever, it can be quite annoying, especially on Sunday when every man and his dog will be watching! My...
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    If a Euro Match goes to Penalties, do You want a City Player to Step Up?

    So England, Germany, Spain whoever end up in a Penalty shoot out, do you want one of our guys to step up? Great if they score, no one remembers that, but if they miss, they are the next Pearce, Batty, Southgate etc?? You could have a great Euro's, and then miss a pen and everything changes...
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    Shed of The Year 2020

    Hi Guys, I have turned my garden shed into an old 70s pub, as a tribute to my Dad, (hence all the old Irish stuff in there!) and called it Bucko's Bar, as he calls everyone Bucko! I have added a few bits and bobs from my old City collection, including my Junior Blues scarf! I have made it...
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    Is Gary Lineker OK?

    Just watched a bit of the prematch build up of Brentford v Leicester, and Gary Lineker was either half cut or about to have a stroke, sounded very odd! Will have another look at half time to see if he has had a few coffees! Any one else notice, if anyone else was actually watching!!
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    Sky Ref Watch - Dermot Gallagher

    What is the point?!!
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    Did anyone buy any cheap train tickets for the final?

    Hi, Did anyone take a chance and buy cheap train tickets for the cup final that now might not be used? I am hoping to take my lad down to the final, as yes, he is a Chelsea fan, and of course City have scuppered my original plans. Trying to get a couple of tickets in their end is going to be a...
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    Train Ticket available for Celtic

    Hi, Due to work commitments, my son can no longer go to Celtic on Wednesday. He is therefore selling his train tickets at Face value, what they cost him. Leaves Manchester at 9.16 on Wednesday, arriving into Glasgow approx 12.30 Lunchtime. Departs Glasgow on Thursday at 13.09, arriving back...
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    Crowd congestion on the 2nd tier concourse today..

    Was really bad before kick off, there were some really serious squashes at the bottom of the stairs, resulting in 5 or 6 people being pushed backward down approx 10 concrete steps, landing on each other, hope they were OK. It was worse than getting out of the Kippax in the 70's and this was...
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    Free beer at Leicester for home fans!!
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    Euro 2016 in France, Can it still go ahead??

    Second major terrorist attack in last few months, easy access for terrorists. Most of the dead at concert hall will be parents / couples leaving many children orphaned. Can Euro 2016 be safe?
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    City Fans needed for Eurosport advert, Easy Money??
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    TRAFFIC CHAOS on Sunday, as Mancunian Way collapses at Ancoats end..

    Better leave early if you are driving...
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    Can anyone get Community Shield Tickets?

    Hi, My lad is a Chelsea Fan ( Long Story!!) and I was hoping to get some tickets for the Community Shield next week. I have managed to get a good deal on train tickets, so if anyone can offer advice on getting hold of a couple of Match tickets, your help would be greatly appreciated. (They...
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    Junior S/T available for the remainder of the season, plus..

    Hi, I have a junior season ticket available for the remainder of the season, v West Ham, Villa, QPR and Southampton. Plus, for the Southampton game, I will also have another junior available in the next seat. I am looking for £100 for the lot, works out £20 a seat, which depending on the last...
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    Grumpy Old Women Tickets x 3 , at The Lowry on Sunday Night

    As you will be overjoyed at the result on Sunday night (7.30), why not treat your good lady to a night out at The Lowry to See Grumpy Old Women, 3 tickets available on Row B, Circle, £25 each face value. You can then go to the pub, or go with her if we get beat!! PM if interested
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    End of Season v Half Term Holidays

    I have been looking at booking a week away at Spring half term, as the kids are off school from Friday 22nd May to Monday 1st of June. We go away that week every year, never any issues, sometimes go a few days early to save £10,000 before they hike the prices up. However, due to the late finish...
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    Nice Way of looking at it..

    Hopefully it will look even Better tomorrow.. Todays League Table 81...Liverpool 80...Man City 79...Chelsea 78 77 76...Arsenal 75 74 73 72 71 70 69...Everton 68 67 66...Tottenham 65 64 63...Man Utd 62 61 60 59 58 57 56 55...Southampton 54 53 52 51 50 49...Newcastle 48 47...Stoke 46 45...
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    To Win The Premier League..

    It worked 2 years ago... We're the Pride of Manchester, We are and Always Were..
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    Sunderland, Sunderland, Sunderland...

    Just supposing.. March 2nd v Sunderland Capital One Cup Final March 5th v Sunderland Rearranged Prem ( Not many other midweeks left, especially as Villa now has to be rearranged also. March 8th v Sunderland QF FA Cup ( Maybe!!) You never know...
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