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    Ref Watch

    They fell foul of the England captain exemption.
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    Ref Watch

    We’re going to be on the wrong side of every 50 : 50 call for the next month or two. Liverpool defensively aren’t great but will get every call. There’s a huge contrast between the VAR decisions yesterday and today, the penalty decisions especially
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    It's Quiet 16 - Txiki grinders

    There was a very interesting thread from Man City tactics on Twitter that pointed out the problems Chelsea caused in the previous matches and why Pep may have changed the team for the final. In short Chelsea kept getting they’re wingbacks up to our full backs that created numerical mismatches...
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    City & FFP | 2020/21 Accounts released | Revenues of £569.8m, £2.4m profit (p 2395)

    Bruce being sacked is almost worth noting in the united accounts. The amount of over priced dross they’ve sold to likes of Bruce and Keane over the years must be very helpful for their books.
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    Chelsea (H) - Sat 15th Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Chelsea were impressive for 60 mins against a pretty poor spurs side, they controlled the ball and didn’t let spurs settle. I think they’ll push aggressively against us early on, try to nick a goal and then defend and counter. We often start the early kick offs slowly but can’t afford that...
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    It's Quiet 16 - Txiki grinders

    That doesn’t appear too unreasonable to me. Pep is a huge draw for players but only having him as a coach for a season may dissuade Haaland. United have shown how difficult it is to replace a brilliant manager. There are no guarantees that whoever replaces Pep will keep the standards high. All...
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    Swindon Town (A) - FA Cup 3rd Round - Fri 7th Jan, 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Too many of those clowns knocking about. A footballers career is too short to waste time following medical advice from Facebook
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    Swindon Town (A) - FA Cup 3rd Round - Fri 7th Jan, 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Probably spent too much time hanging out with Delph
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    It's Quiet 16 - Txiki grinders

    I can only think of a release clause or assurances on Pep’s future.
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    Erling Haaland

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Barca are able to move for Haaland but only if Barca approve the CVC deal. La Liga want to effectively sell 8% of future advertising and sponsorship deals to CVC. Real and Barca have vetoed it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tebas agrees to relax the restrictions on Barca if...
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    Brentford (A) - Wed 29th Dec, 20:15 | Pre-Match Thread

    This will be pretty tough, it will feel like an old fashioned cup tie. They deserved their point against Liverpool and should have taken at least a point against Chelsea. It’s really one of those games where we’re going to have to subdue the crowd and give them very little to cheer about.
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    Brentford (A) - Wed 29th Dec, 20:15 | Pre-Match Thread

    I would have concerns about playing both Zinchenko and Cancelo. They both go forward pretty well and both push into midfield but When Zinchenko plays Cancelo plays as a more traditional full back which nullifies some of his strengths. He’s nowhere near as good as a defender as Walker but he’s a...
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    Next League Games

    The next 2 are going to be incredibly tough but if we win both I think it will strip away some of Chelsea and Liverpool’s belief. If we win both at worst we’ll either be 6 clear of Liverpool or Chelsea or 8 points clear of both.
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    Leicester City (H) - Sun 26th Dec, 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Our lineup shows how random covid is, Grealish and Foden partying away with no issues, Rodri at home probably googling sensible sweaters and he gets covid.
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    Newcastle United (A) - Sun 19th Dec, 14:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    So Pep tests negative. Let’s hope we have a game Sunday
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    Ferran Torres | Signs for Barcelona (see main forum)

    One thing that may assist Barca is that whatever wage Torres gets from them is likely to be lower than Sergio’s wages now. They may also get some funds from insurance. There’s no way there isn’t a possibility of a move as otherwise City would have briefed our usual journalists to try and kill...
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    Everton (H) - Sun 21 Nov 14:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    I think this will be a grind of a game. Everton were in poor form before the international break so no doubt Rafa will try and make them difficult to play through. He’s had a decent enough record against us though often playing incredibly negative football. It’s one of those matches we need...
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    Frenkie de Jong

    I know he was very highly rated before he went to Barca and we pushed for him as a Fernandinho replacement. From the sound of things he is now more a box to box player. Would he replace Fernandinho at this stage? It could be a case of bad timing in that with Bernardo, Gundogan, Grealish, KDB...
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    Manchester United (A) - Sat 6 Nov 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Mixing up my seasons. Absolutely right we drew 0-0. Previous season we limped to a 2-0 defeat, last game before COVID chaos
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    Manchester United (A) - Sat 6 Nov 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    It’s a big game for us tomorrow. Drop points and Chelsea start to disappear over the horizon. We need to win. The match is strange one to call, we could utterly dominate this match and still lose 2-0. We are much better than them in every department bar finishing. They have been defensively...
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